GOTHAM Mid-Season Premiere TONIGHT!

The long anticipated mid-season premiere of Gotham is tonight. As per usual Jim Gordon is in deep trouble. It seems that Falcone has put a hit out on him for what he perceives is the unprovoked murder of his son. And what is Lee going to think about what Jim has done? Find out tonight when Gotham kicks off with the new episode titled, ‘Ghosts’. Check out the promo and details below and share your thoughts. Gotham airs Monday’s at 7pm Central on Fox.

Falcone places a hit on Gordon after learning that he shot Mario. Gordon and Bullock discover a follower of Jerome (Cameron Monaghan), who plans to bring him back to life. Meanwhile, Penguin spirals out of control before the biggest television interview of his Mayoral career, and Bruce and Selina deal with Selina’s mom’s return to Gotham.



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