Gotham Producer Confirms Return of ‘Jerome’ For Season 3!


For all of those who have been wanting to see ‘The Joker‘ make his way to ‘Gotham‘, you know that the man known as ‘Jerome‘ is the starting point for the character on the show. And, actor Cameron Monaghan did an outstanding job portraying the early stages of ‘The Joker‘ during his run on the show. The exciting news we have today, is that ‘Gotham‘ producer John Stephens has stated that Monaghan will be returning as ‘Jerome’ this season. This is sure to have fans of the show ecstatic. Check out all the latest on this news below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

“It’s 100% our intention to bring Jerome back”

Thankfully that’s not all. Despite Jerome’s imminent return, Stephens also confirmed that the maniac’s impact will be felt throughout the third season as they develop the cult of the Jerome:

“We’re going to be playing it again this year and basically extending the idea of the cult of Jerome. We’re building the architecture for him to come back.”

Stephens went even further during a recent summer TV press tour, stating:

“You’ll have these underground movements that have started to talk about Jerome and what he represented and how he’s going to come back like in the days of John the Baptist,” he teases during a summer TV press tour panel. “Setting the stage that if there is a Season 4, hopefully we’ll bring that back in a much bigger way and you’ll see these different versions of the Joker myth.”


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