GOTHAM Recasts ‘Poison Ivy’ Again!

In some late and surprising casting news today, ‘Gotham‘ has recast the ‘Poison Ivy‘ character again. While fans are left wondering, why, the decision looks to be an outstanding one. According to, Smallville and The Flash actress ‘Peyton List‘ will be taking over the role when the series comes back from its winter break in early 2018. Check out more details on this below and sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMPGotham airs Thursday evenings at 7pm Central on Fox!

In the continuing evolution of Poison Ivy’s origin story, Ivy Pepper has been transformed once again taking another step toward becoming the Ivy we know from the comics. Dangerous. A live wire of crazy energy. She’ll set her sights on Gotham, intent on making the city her own green paradise.

No word on if Ivy’s latest transformation will also be necessitated by a magical aging spell and a dip in the Gotham sewer or if it will come about in a new way. Or perhaps Gotham will go the more traditional route and not mention anything in-world and hope that the audience doesn’t notice.


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