GOTHAM Sn. 3 Ep. #5 ‘Anything for You’ Photos Released!


Did you think that the fast paced action was going to slow down after the first couple of episodes of Gotham? If you did, you would be incorrect my friends, as Gotham has been moving at a fast and furious pace with each and every episode. This week Penguin was elected Mayor and Ed Nygma is going to be his chief of staff. Meanwhile the ‘Court of Owl’s’ has taken in doppleganger Bruce Wayne and we do not know what their plans are for him yet. In next week’s episode, Bruce starts investigating Ivy’s disappearance and Penguin is basking in the glory of his election at his initiation party. Check out the first promo and the new gallery of images for Gotham, ‘Anything for You‘ and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. Gotham airs Monday evenings at 7pm on Fox!



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