Greg Berlanti says ‘Suicide Squad’ Tested on TV First!


If you have been watching ‘Arrow‘ for the past four years, you know that the ‘Suicide Squad‘ played an integral role in the show. From Diggle’s wife working for Amanda Waller, to Diggle himself going on a mission with the Suicide Squad. Now DC CW show runner Greg Berlanti has informed the fandom that this was virtually a test run for the characters to see if they could put them on the big screen. Unfortunately for Arrow fans, when the Suicide Squad movie came around, the show runners killed off all of the characters on the show. Hear more about what Greg Berlanti had to say below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

To what extent are the comics R&D for the TV and movie properties? Does DC Comics president Geoff Johns come to you and say, “Hey, here’s something we tried out in a comic. Let’s try it here”?
Sometimes, or he has other executives mention that to us. They said to us a year and a half before they started developing Suicide Squad, “Will you guys put [a version of] the Suicide Squad in your show? Because we want to have it as a film at some point.”

That quote seems somewhat at odds with something Arrow star Willa Holland claimed earlier this year:
We were about season two when they started telling us we had to start basically killing off the Suicide Squad that we were starting to build on our own. We were actually trying to build that on our own on the show, and I guess once DC found out they were going to be doing their own movie of it, we had to axe all of the characters before we even got to show them, which was a little annoying at first.


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