Halloween Edition: Talk with Celia Cosplay

As our final Halloween Special Edition interviews come to a close, I wanted to share with you one cosplayer who is simply Enchanting to Admire. Deep in the forest and over mountains, she resides in a small village where every day brings joy and love to the old and the children alike. She petite in height, but huge in her heart as she creates these fantasy cosplay wear for us to enjoy. Her name is Hannah but the internet knows her well as Grace, Love, and Beauty. Please give a final ovation to her as I close my Halloween Interview. Show your love and support to my next cosplay guest, Celia Cosplay. 

Raven: Welcome Celia to my Transylvanian Castle, Castle Von Raven Steel. I have running water running ghouls all throughout the castle. I can’t wait to have you for dinner.

Celia: Thank you so much for having me here to do this Amazing Halloween interview. Just the tiny hairs on my back feel someone is walking over my grave. 

Raven: Well, I’ll remember to visit you there with flowers next time. But since you’re here and alive, I can’t wait for us to begin.

Raven: As you might not know before I begin to ask you my list of Ghoulish questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in today’s world we all need some inspirational words to make it through all this. So here goes, “Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!” And with that, let’s get our pumps on and continues with this Spooky interview.

Raven: Please Celia Cosplay, tell us all about yourself.

Celia: Hi everyone, thanks so much for having me do this interview, Raven! 

Raven: Please Celia Cosplay, tell us all about yourself.

Celia: I’m a born Bavarian, the most beautiful part of Germany! My eyes and hair are brown, pretty boring, I know. I guess not many people know that I have a horse and love riding (Does this count as a special talent?). 

Raven:  Do you workout or does it come naturally? 

Celia: Equine sports is my workout, my hoofed friends love to go for long rides. 

Raven: How tall are you? 

Celia: I’m only 158cm tall, which makes me the smallest in my family, haha, I’m ahead shorter than my cousin who’s seven years younger. 

Raven: Who is your favorite All-Time Villian or Monster?

Celia: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator! (and the Oogie Boogie, Loki, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Darth Maul).

Raven: What does Celia Cosplay do to relax?

Celia: If I need a break and need to relax I love to go to my horse, read a good book, or sometimes I even end up baking cookies in the middle of the night. 

Raven: What music does Celia Cosplay listen to get her groove on? 

Celia: Good music needs to be loud, I’m a sucker for good ol’ hard rock and blues-rock, like Black Sabbath, the Doors, Rival Sons. But sometimes I also listen to Japanese music, like One Ok Rock or even Keshi Yonezu

Raven:  Is there a deep dark secret you’ve been holding until now, ready to confess?

Celia: Ooh, that kind of secret! Yeah, I’m almost always wearing different colored socks, because the sock monster in my wardrobe loves funny socks. I’ve made an oath not to rat the sock monster out! 

Raven: Do you believe in Ghosts or the Undead? Did you have a Supernatural Experience? 

Celia: Nope, dead is dead and Also nope, sorry!

Raven: What makes Celia so excited when it comes to Halloween?

Celia: I’m excited for Halloween because that means the exhausting weeks at work are coming to an end, haha, and I can start decorating for Christmas, lol.

Raven: What anime/manga character best describes your personality? 

Celia: Describing myself to an anime character is hard. I asked my friends and family what they think of me and when my mother said ‘Soot Sprite’ everyone agreed on that, haha. It is small, chaotic, and absolutely loves sweets. 

Raven: If you were given a chance to see what Hell Looks like, what celebrity person would you see there?

Celia: The Russo Brothers, making me cry all throughout Avengers Endgame (Cries silently)!

Raven: What is your Zodiac sign? 

Celia: My zodiac sign is Aquarius, though I don’t know if the described personality fits me, lol. 

Raven: Do you speak/write any other languages that you are conscious of?

Celia: Since I’m a born and raised German, I can speak and write German and (hopefully comprehensible) English. Furthermore, I got a bunch of Japanese books for self-study! 

Raven: If I were to visit Celia Cosplay in her hometown, what scary places would she show me?

Celia: If you want a really scary place then I’d show you Hinterkaifeck. Maybe you’ve heard about it? The murder scene is right around the corner where I live. Almost a hundred years ago there were six people gruesomely murdered by an unknown assailant, who lived in the house of the victims for three days after he’d killed the entire family. Up until now, no one knows who murdered these people… Scary enough for you? 

Raven: Do you have a favorite Comic, Anime, Manga, movie/book you like to read or watch?

Celia: I love Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, it’s one of my favorite Anime and Manga of all time! I recommend reading the manga, it’s so good! 

Raven: For Halloween night, what Disney Princess, would you end their life if you become a Zombie? 

Celia: Honestly, I don’t wanna be a zombie, but if I had to choose, I’d take Cinderella, with a piece of that pumpkin (carriage) pie. 

Raven: What’s your favorite candy or dessert?

Celia: I love chocolate! Milk chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate with yogurt, chocolate with strawberries, chocolate with hazelnuts, chocolate with fruit schnaps,… 

Raven: What is Fire-Bender?

Celia: Firebending comes from The Last Airbender Series and it’s a kind of ability but also a curse to some. But let’s be real, Firebenders are the cool kids who can make s’mores with the fire in their palms. 

Raven: Are there any advantages to being a Sith Princess?

Celia: Well, if I’m being honest it’s kinda sweet when the emperor offers you his throne when he sees you coming and the stormtroopers salute you, haha. 

Raven: Is there German folklore or story that absolutely scares you, every time?

Celia: Der Rattenfänger von Hameln is indeed pretty scary as well as Die Gänsemagd!

Raven: Are all of your cosplay wear made by you?

Celia: Yeah, I’m making most of my costumes myself. I’d take a guess and say 90% are handmade by me. I enjoy sewing and crafting. Making them myself has the advantage that my costumes look exactly how I want them to, they fit me and my body shape perfectly, and they are unique because they’re not bought off the peg.

Raven: Celia, you are probably the most enchanting cosplayer that graced my interview. I love the fact that almost all of your photos are outdoors and behind these amazing architecture places. 

Raven: What photoshoot locations have you done?

Celia: Thank you so much for your kind words! And yeah I enjoy using the landscape around me for photo shootings. 

Celia: In Germany and especially in Bavaria we have a lot of old architecture, like the Nymphenburg Castle. But we also have modern buildings, like the Financial Center in Frankfurt. 

I’m living in the countryside, with fields, forests, rivers, old village houses, and even some abandoned premises.

Raven: What country or location would you love to have your photos taken? 

Celia: A big dream of mine is to take photos with the Japanese Cherry Blossoms, or to have a photoshoot near a Japanese Shinto shrine

Raven: What famous ghost or spirit would you allow yourself to be possessed for a day?

Celia: How about Casper? He seems friendly.

Raven: Do people notice you whenever you’re doing an outdoor photoshoot?

Celia: Here in the countryside a lot of people don’t even know what cosplay is, so I’m not noticed around here. Most people from our village have known me since I was a kid. But when I tell them about cosplay and explain what it is, most people are kind and interested. Hahaha, 

Raven: Has your ballroom gowns help you avoid long lines? 

Celia: I wish it would be that easy to avoid long lines! Unfortunately, that doesn’t work! 

Raven: Do children tend to gather around you for a story or song from you?

Celia: When I’m wearing a ballgown it’s mostly families or children that ask me for a picture! It is adorable when you see a little girl hold onto her mother’s pant leg asking if I’m a real princess!

Raven: What Disney princess outfit would you wear to fight-off Space Alien invasion? 

Celia: Princess Leia! She has a blaster!

Raven: With the body of a Supermodel, do you do physical training or does it come naturally?

Celia: *Blushes* Thank you very much! To be honest I don’t go to the gym or do any training like that. At work, I’m always standing or walking around, helping customers, and doing a lot of literal heavy lifting. Furthermore, I got my horse, and that is all the training I need and ever want. 

Raven: Does your personality resemble the type of character you want to portray or do the personalities of the characters does Celia want to become?

Celia: Hmm, a lot of my costumes have a special meaning to me, like childhood heroes, favorites, or something like that. I don’t do a lot of “Hype” cosplays. I like it when characters have a certain depth or history, but sometimes I just do them because the character is fun, like the Pink Panther or Shampoo from Ranma ½

Celia: Although I do wish I’d be more like the character I’m cosplaying, I sometimes need that boost of confidence in real life. Lol. 

Raven: How do you feel about characters that are Dark, Bloody, or Gothic?

Celia: I do like some characters that are dark or gothic, but I’m not that fond of blood and gore and such… 

Raven: Do you think it’s wrong to give a Dybbuk Box on their wedding day?

Celia: Would it bad to say, “That would depend on the bridal couple”?

Raven: Is there a cosplay you would absolutely love to do?

Celia: I’m currently working on one of my absolute favorite characters: Emily the Corpse Bride! 

I already fulfilled one of my dreams by cosplaying Belle last year! 

Raven: What do people notice first when they meet Celia Cosplay?

Celia: The first thing most people notice when they meet me for the first time is that I’m so small. A lot of people tell me things like “I thought you were taller” or “you looked so tall online”, hahaha.

Raven: What got you started into cosplaying?

Celia: I started with cosplay 2015 after visiting my first con ever, I saw so many cosplayers in their outfits, and then I wanted to try this for myself, see if it was that much fun like the people told me. 

Raven:  What was your first character?

Celia: My first cosplay ever was Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood! Good ol’ times.

Raven: When did you realize your cosplaying attire brought you a lot of attention? 

Celia: I think the first time I was noticed was when I cosplayed Azula from ATLA, the people suddenly knew who I was, it was really exciting and scary at first! 

Raven: Does Celia Cosplay SCREAMS or FAINTS when something scares her to death?

Celia: Scream, unfortunately. Fainting would be so much more princess-like.

Raven: Here is a curious question. 

Raven: What’re your thoughts about Lewd photography?

Celia: First, I don’t have a problem with cosplayers doing lewds, it’s just not something I would like to do. 

Raven: Is it something you or not comfortable doing it? 

Celia: Call me paranoid or just old fashioned, but the internet forgets nothing and I’m not self-confident enough to do those kinds of photos or poses. 

Raven: Is there any profit to be made with Lewd shots?

Celia: I don’t know if people really can make good money with it. 

Raven: What’s the deal with men asking for Feet photos of women?

Celia: The thing with the foot photos… I can’t, I just don’t understand, seriously! *laughing* Maybe it’s a kink, but I don’t know! XD 

Raven: What female celebrity would be Queen of Halloween?

Celia: Definitely Morticia Addams!!

Raven: Does the makeup play a huge role to make the character come alive?

Celia: I do think that makeup is a huge part of cosplaying. 98% of your photos show your face, so it’s important to accentuate it with makeup. Never underestimate the power of fake lashes!!

Raven: Because of the Pandemic, a lot of public events have been postponed. 

Raven: What would you love to see come back?

Celia: #staysafe and #stayhealthy are important, no matter how sad I am due to all the events that had been canceled. Not being able to meet my friends at the events is the worst part of it, but also I miss the traveling. Anticipation is half the pleasure, same goes for staying in another city for a convention. 

Raven: If the Chucky Doll was real, who would you give it to?

Celia:  A good friend of mine because she’s a huge fan. LOL.

Raven: Do you have any new outfits you are working on that will break the internet? 

Celia: Right now I’m working on Emily’s wedding dress, I don’t know what the internet will say about that cosplay, but to be honest, I’m so excited about it!! 

Raven: If you could visit a country to do a photoshoot, what place would it be? 

Celia: I’d visit Japan for photoshoots! This country has everything, the beach, mountains, flora, and fauna, amazing buildings, and great food! 

Raven: While in a Dark and Spooky forest alone, what would absolutely surprise you if you run into?

Celia: The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street

Raven: What sort of advice or words of wisdom you can offer new cosplayers out there?

Celia: Okay, people here come the most important part about cosplay: Fun!! Enjoy it! Cosplay is for everyone, no matter what you look like or where you’re from! It’s a way to express yourself and you will find a worldwide community that will welcome you! 

Raven: If you found a Book of Spells, what spell would you conjure for Raven Steel?

Celia: I’d conjure a spell for good luck for anything that you wish to accomplish!

Raven: This is the most important question of the entire interview, Can I get a hug?

Celia: Aw, of course! Here’s a big and safe hug for you! *sends hug*

Raven: As the last strike hits the stake upon the heart of this old and decaying vampire, so must this interview. That is it, everyone. Thank you Celia Cosplay for being so strong and so brave to fight through all those questions. May all of your journeys be light and full of blessings.

Celia: Thank you Raven Steel. My dealings with you have come to end but it is never forgotten. I loved your questions and hope to do this again, soon. 

Raven: If I could ask one more question, for my readers, where can they find more of Celia Cosplay?

Celia: Of course, it shall be granted, and thank you. Happy Halloween everyone!

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