Halloween Series: Talk with Tiara Bree Cosplay

Hello, my fellow ghouls and goblins out there to another special Halloween interview series. As promised, we have another child of the night who is just waiting to bring her witchcraft spell-casting style taste for us mere mortals. This dark and lovely servant from the realm of the unknown comes from Atlanta. She’s taken on the internet by storm with those amazing cosplay artistry. This ebony girl has the looks that will kill those who might get too close if your looking to bite into this forbidden fruit. She’s your CosBae, but to those who know her, goes by Tiara Bree Cosplay. So show your love and give her some Sugar as she both a treasure and desirable queen, and give a warm welcome to Tiara Bree Cosplay! 

Raven: Hello Tiara! Thank you so much for doing this Halloween Special Edition interview series. I appreciate it. I must say, your cosplay wear is amazing and our reader will soon know it too. 

Tiara: Hello from Atlanta. Thank you Raven for having me do this special Halloween interview. 

Raven: So just to give a Heads-Up, I will ask some Spooky questions during this Halloween interview, so, “Don’t Scream,” because really, no one is going to help you!

Raven: As you may know, I have a tradition with my female interviews to offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement if you should find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in dire need of inspirational words. So here goes, “Laughing is the best form of medicine, but if you are laughing for no reason. You may need medicine. There’s your quotes for life, Tiara. 

Raven: Now, if you please, tell our readers all about yourself.

Tiara: Hey y’all, Hey! My name is Tiara Bree, Your Cos Bae, #MyCosBae! My family’s from the Virgin Islands, but born and raised in Jacksonville Florida! Two years ago, I recently moved to Atlanta to pursue acting, but when Covid hit, BAM, Tiara Bree Cosplay was born! My hair and eye color change like the wind. I think of myself as a human-chameleon. 

Raven: How tall are you?

Tiara: I’m a 5’10 

Raven: What’s your Birth sign and do you speak any languages? 

Tiara: VIRGOOOOOOO who can barely speak a word in French. I French class for about 4 years so I act like I can read/speak it. 

Raven: What does Tiara Bree Cosplay do when she has some free time?

Tiara: I don’t have any “free time” since I’m always working but I thoroughly enjoy working, though it never seems like I am!

Raven: Would you stay in a Haunted house for money, fame, or food?

Tiara: To stay in a haunted house, I would definitely need money and food. Bring on the bacon! 

Raven: Own any birthmarks your fans might what to know about. What about any tattoos?

Tiara: I’ve once had an unattractive birthmark which was cut off when I was nine and was replaced with a star tattoo. So when someone asks about my former birthmark, I tell the story that I got bitten by a baby alligator at a petting zoo in Alabama (Seems more badass). I have several tattoos, and I’m thinking about getting an arm sleeve. I just love them so much, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that well with my career choices of cosplaying, acting, modeling, promos, hosting, and bartending, which are all fun gigs.

Raven: What sort of music does Tiara Bree Cosplay groove her into a good mood? 

Tiara: My music choice is Electric. I love French pop music, New Zealand style, Indie music, EDM, hip hop, rock anything with a beat I can move to, and feel something from! 

Raven: What’s your favorite Anime/Manga you love to watch or read? 

Tiara: My favorite anime is probably HunterxHunter! I’m a newbie to anime so I am currently watching Fire Force right now and love that as well! 

Raven: What celebrity vampire would you allow to suck your neck?

Tiara:  If I can just pretend it’s Joe Manganiello, be my vampire, we’ll be straight!

Raven: What is your most favorite prop/makeup when doing a photoshoot?

Tiara: I can’t pick a favorite makeup look since they all are formed with my thriving creative juices on that particular day, LOL. Some of my favorite props were my scissors sword from my Ryuko Matoi cosplay from Kill la Kill. Unfortunately, somebody threw it away though, and I never used it since.

Raven:  Is there an animation character that best describes Tiara Bree Cosplay’s personality?

Tiara: My personality is all over the place, a mix between a Tasmanian devil, and all the sexy anime girls who don’t wear clothes  😂 that’s how my personality feels. 

Raven: Well,  I can only imagine that all those sexy Anime Girls will soon become jealous of you.

Raven: What was your first cosplay outfit?

Tiara: The first cosplay was Mileena at Dragon Con 2018!

Raven: Do you still Trick or Treat through the neighborhood?

Tiara: I always trick or treat! Ain’t no shame in my game. I don’t know about this year because of Covid though. 

Raven: What does Tiara Bree Cosplay do to relax and Chill?

Tiara: I suffer from procrastination nation and in the town of laziness! I could get so much more done, but I choose to relax. Because I like to just feel good. I’m generally happy, positive, and carefree. But hit the right button and I’m the meanest person you’ll meet 😂😂 but I’m still caring while being mean so I don’t mean any harm. 

Raven: Who would be the most interesting to talk to at the dinner table: Jason, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, or R. Kelly?

Tiara: Since all of those choices are scary, I’d say put them all at the table and let’s chat! 

Raven: Are you a shy or an outgoing type of girl growing up? 

Tiara: I’ve always been outgoing! 

Raven: From your photos, you have a broad range of emotional expressions you own. You can be sexy, nerdy, funny, and serious. How did the Cosplay World captured Tiara Bree Cosplay? How did it all start?

Tiara: I started cosplaying when I went to Dragon Con 2018. I was dating a guy who did it and he had to sais. He was going to sell it. I want them. Now I have to find a character who uses them. Then, Boom, the character of Mileena happened! Nowadays, cosplay has got more demanding, both on looks and props.  

Raven: Has it become more fun or more demanding as the life of a cosplayer/model/dancer? 

Tiara: I’m currently doing 31 days of Halloween so doing 31 different characters is a struggle of my own accord, though.

Raven: Does your personality resemble the type of character you want to portray or do the personalities of the characters Tara Bree wants to become?

Tiara: I Cosplay whoever I feel like at the moment, whoever I am commissioned to do,  LOL. I cosplay whoever I think is pretty or has a cute outfit. Sometimes I’m nothing like the character but that’s the fun part. I’m an actress so I fit them all. I

Raven: What friend or enemy would you give a Chucky Doll as a gift?

Tiara: HA! Answering that would open up a can of worms that no one’s ready for. But as a joke, I will give it to my best friend Anis! If it was a live one that was killing people, I would send it to various people who will remain unnamed. 😂

Raven: What sort of characters attracts you the most?

Tiara: I’m usually attracted to the more sexy ones since I feel sexy in my everyday life.  Even though I look homeless half the time, just knowing I can throw on some makeup and a Cosplay outfit and be right back to feel myself, again! It’s fun! 

Raven: If homeless people looked like you, You would STOP TRAFFIC, girl!

Raven: As a beautiful black woman, you put a spin on the characters you portray. Do you decide what you should cosplay or your fans?

Tiara: I do let my fans vote on some of my cosplays. Some people commission characters they wanna see me do. I choose the majority. My only fans and Patreon are Poppin! 😂 (Links in my bio. MyCosBae is my name on both. Heh heh heh). 

Tiara: Women are always in control of their bodies, their sexuality, and what they choose to show, post, or not. I’m comfortable with no clothes, I’m a nudist. So even when I’m naked sometimes it’s not in a sexual way. Most times it is, LOL, but sometimes I just like to be free. 

Raven: Listen here people, never cage a sexy black female creature. It’s just wrong!

Raven:  If you had your choice to be transformed into a monstrous creature, what would you become?

Tiara: If She-Hulk is considered a monster, I would become her because she’s perfection! Or how about the Dragon from Game of Thrones! LoL. 

Raven: Here is a curious question. Many fans want to see more of their favorite cosplayer do Lewd or Only Fans photos? What is your opinion about women doing Lewd or Spicy photographs? Is it something you are comfortable in doing? 

Tiara: If women, or men, want to post lewd and nudes. They have the right to do so in whatever capacity they see fit. Some people take requests, some people just post what they want to show. It is up to them.  

Raven: Was there ever an unusual request made from a fan wanting to see you in? If so, what?

Tiara: No unusual request for me, just several Cosplay characters that I’ve never heard of, LOL! 

Tiara: Although, I’m not sure what’s the deal with foot fetishes. I’ve always had a foot-hate fetish until this year (I thought I had a phobia, but I just hated feet). Now, all of a sudden, people have been asking for mine, LOL! I think it’s just a sexual thing. 🤷🏽‍♀️ What’s a girl to do?

Raven: Do black women who cosplay get the proper attention and admiration for their artwork than other women who cosplay? If not, what needs to change?

Tiara: 🤷🏽‍♀️ Black women do not get the attention, notoriety, admiration, exposure that they should in this industry. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for my whole life with this Stigma and unfortunately, I’ve have gotten used to it. I’m not sure if this will ever change. 

Tiara: The unsteady climate of our country with race issues and blatant behavior for not caring for blacks and our lives leaves my faith in shambles. This also translates into all avenues of the entertainment world, including Cosplay. More platforms are popping up to showcase us, but to be on the scale of our white counterparts, or Asian counterparts, who are all thriving in this industry, it’s going to be a long upward battle. I know we can get there, it’s just not going to be a quick thing.

Raven: What is Tiara Bree Cosplay, “Biggest Pet Peeve”?

Tiara: My biggest pet peeve is STUPID! LOL. When I say that, I mean people who lack common sense, don’t think logically before acting, don’t think or take consideration of others and things. Just plain stupid.

Raven: What sort of cosplay wear would Tara Bree wear while fighting an Alien Invasion?

Tiara: I would dress an outfit like them because then they would think I’m one of them and I will have the upper hand for sneak attacks! 

Raven: Because of the Pandemic, a lot of public events have been postponed until further notice. What would you love to see come back? 

Tiara: DRAGON CONNNNN! COME BACKKKKK! It’s the only con I’ve ever been to. In Jacksonville,  it’s boring living here, LOL! But of course, we would go and hang by the beach down there since Atlanta doesn’t have one. 

Raven: If I could visit your hometown, what sort of places would you show me or dine? 

Tiara: I would take you to a breezy jazz club. They’re expanding, and the best jazz club, restaurant, cigar lounge in JAX! 

Raven: What sort of advice or words of wisdom you can offer new cosplayers out there? 

Tiara: For new cosplayers, Just do it! There’s no rules, right way, or guidelines to Cosplay. It’s supposed to be fun, all in participation, and for everyone to do as they please. So for people looking to get into it, just do it.

Tiara: There are research and advice you can get from people, but that’s just going with the process. Just ask if you need help,  I’m always here to help new people as best I can! Just gather some clothes, make-up, props, etc. that make you feel like the character you’re trying to portray and live that life!  

Raven: How Evil can Tara Bree be? 

Tiara: Da Evilist in all the land!

Raven: And of course, the most important question to ask on this interview, Can I get a Hug?

Tiara: PS, no hugs because of Covid😂

Raven: That’s it my readers, is the end of our interview with the sensational Tiara Bree Cosplay. It’s in Tha Books! Thank you so much Tiara for being a beautiful black woman and a loving person.

Tiara: Thank you Raven for having me do this interview, Some of your questions were funny and interesting. Happy Halloween everyone!

Raven: If I could have one last question and ask where can readers find more delicious Tiara Bree treats?

Tiara: Not a problem. Here are all of my Hyperlinks of me and my, Tasty Treats



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