Halloween Special Edition: Molecular Agatha Cosplay

Halloween treats just keeping on giving. On this Special Edition interview, we have this Lovely Latina in our grasp and she’s not leaving till she gives us some delicious insight about herself and the cosplay she loves to share. She may be small, but she packs a powerful punch of alluring beauty and love. This cosplayer has made amazing strides to become a woman of recognition and admiration in her country and the world. Please give a howling welcome to my next children of the night special interview with Molecular Agatha

Raven: Welcome. Feliz dia de las Brujas! Thank you so much Molecular Agatha for making my haunting-spirits bright! 

MA: Thank you for having me. I love this Halloween-themed interview! It looks so much fun! Thank you Raven for having me.

Raven: As you might not know before I begin to ask you my list of questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in today’s world we all need some inspirational words to make it through all this. So here goes, “These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb them”.

Raven: Alright. Let’s Get Ghouling. Tell our readers all about yourself.

MA: I am from San José, Costa Rica. My color of eyes are green and my hair is dark blonde. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings. My Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. I am a petite (short) cosplayer, 1.57mt or 5´2´´ I am right-handed, and yes I am a pet lover (especially cats)

Raven: Is Cosplaying popular in Costa Rica? 

MA: Yes, cosplay is very popular in my country. Unfortunately in my country, Halloween is not considered to be a holiday and unfortunately not a traditional celebration.

Raven: Why doesn’t Costa Rica celebrate Halloween, Day of Los Muertos? 

MA: My country doesn’t consider Halloween as a holiday. My country is a religious country and they see as some sort of “satanic” celebration which is stupid XD (I am not religious). Instead of Halloween, there is “Día Nacional de la Mascarada Tradicional Costarricense“.  It is a National day for Costa Ricans to celebrate a traditional masquerade.

Raven: Will you stay the night at a Haunted House or a Creepy cemetery? MA: No, but maybe just for a photoshoot. Haha.

Raven: Are there any other languages you speak, read, or write? 

MA: Besides my native language Spanish I understand English as well. 

Raven: Back in 2019, were conventions very popular where you live? 

MA: In my country, there are few conventions, and are small compared to other countries. 

MA: I prefer to attend the international ones where I’ve been asked to attend as a guest. 

Raven: Does this make you happy? 

MA: This always makes me happy whenever I receive an invitation to attend other country’s conventions.

Raven: What sort of weapon, in your bedroom, would you use to defend yourself from Killer Clowns breaking down your door? 

MA: A chaingun

Raven: You have some interesting things in your bedroom.

Raven: Are there any Anime or Manga books or shows you love to watch? 

MA: I like almost all the categories of anime or manga (shonen, shojo, seinen, etc)

Raven: Would you consider Cosplaying a Business or a Hobby? 

MA: Cosplay for me is a Serious Hobby. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t make a living from it, but I am offered various collaborations with different brands or travel expenses for guest appearances in other countries.

Raven: As beautiful as you are, do you model?

MA: No, unfortunately, I don’t model.

Raven: Would you open a door where lots of blood is pouring out? MA: No way, Haha!

Raven: Since this is Halloween month, do you have a Horror movie that will always scare you?

MA: I am not afraid of horror movies. But horror video games like Silent Hill scares me a lot. 

Raven: Were you a shy or a popular child growing up in school? 

MA: I was just a nerdy child and a rejected one XD

Raven: Where would Molecular Agatha show me scary places in your country? 

MA: Scary places or insecure ones? Haha, there are many places to even begin.

Raven: Are you Superstitious? 

MA: I am not superstitious

Raven: What sort of favorite food do you love to eat? 

MA: Asian food, overall, is my favorite

Raven: What scares you? Rats. Spiders. Bats, or American Tourists? MA: American tourist is the great entrance of money in my country and that doesn’t scare at all. Cockroaches, on the other hand, are the worst.

Raven: Now, someone told me you are a fanatic cat lover. Is that true? 

Yep, I adore cats, I have 5 of them adopted. Their names are Hanabi(ginger female), Mochi(European shorthair), Yuki(black and white), Hiroki(white male), and Koshka(ginger female).

Raven: What got you started into Cosplaying? 

MA: I started in 2006, a friend of mine took me to an Anime convention without knowing anything about cosplay. I saw people with costumes of different characters and I fell in love.

Raven: What sort of characters do you love? 

MA:  I like almost all genres, from DC I loved the latest Joker movie from 2019, and from Marvel I love Loki XD

Raven: Do you love characters that are Dark/Evil or Cute/Sexy characters?

MA: I prefer cute and sexy since I am a “kawaii lover”.

Raven: If Agatha was a hungry Vampire, what celebrity would you bite?

MA: OMG, a celebrity…My boyfriend is going to kill me…Timothee Chalamet

Raven: Who decides what you should cosplay wear, you or your fans? 

MA: Most of the time I decide which character to play, but also once in a while I put a poll on my IG stories with character suggestions. Also, my audience has a wonderful opportunity to purchase items from my wishlist to make their request happen. 

Raven: Out of all your cosplay characters, what is your favorite one and why

MA: I usually make cosplay wear of certain characters that I love. I’ll study them before I begin doing a photo shoot. I have many, but due to business reasons, it has to be Goku. It was that particular cosplay character that allowed me to travel to Monaco as a guest in 2019.  

Raven: What cosplay character do you feel simply sexy?

I have so many, haha I can’t think of just one, from Android 18 to 2B from Nier Automata.

Raven: As a young and beautiful woman, does the size of a woman matter like height, weight, or bra size when performing any character?

MA: No, it doesn’t matter, I am short in height and I make whatever cosplay wear I love.

Raven: If you had the chance to JUST VISIT HELL, who would you see there? 

MA: Spawn.

Raven: Have you ever cosplayed something Dark/Gothic, or something else? 

MA: I’ve done Gothic/ Dark characters like Mavis, Wednesday Addams, Misa Amane, and Pennywise gender-bend.

Raven: Cosplaying is now becoming sexier with Lewds, Spicy, OnlyFans photos/videos. What is your opinion on Spicy photos? Would you do it? 

MA: I used to have a Patreon when I was unemployed for almost a year. It was a great help for me, financially. I didn’t make any explicit content though. Everyone has the right to decide to do with whatever cosplay they want. As so long as they don’t harm them or someone else.

Raven: How did you come up with the cosplay name, Molecular Agatha? 

MA: Molecular: I took the name from a villain from the cartoon show,  SilverHawks called, “Mo-Lec-U-Lar”.  He could transform into anything.

MA: The name Agatha was a nickname from a character I drew in high school (original character)

Raven: How have your fans treated you over the years? How do they show their appreciation for all that you do? 

MA: I have a very important bond with my audience. I make an effort to do a Live Streaming on Fridays. It helps my fans know a little more about me through Q&A. 

MA: The comments on my photos and my cosplay build are important to me. I always make an effort to respond to my audience as quickly as I can. I appreciate all of their constant support for my projects. 

Raven: If  Chucky Doll was real, what person would you send it as a gift?

MA: The president of my country… I am just joking

Raven: What sort of plans or outfits does Molecular Agatha have in the near future?

MA: My future cosplay plans are projects to fabricate these characters into my cosplay wear like DoomGirl, Cygnus Hyoga armor, and Sailor Venus.

Raven: What do you miss the most that the Pandemic has taken away this 2020?

MA: I miss the conventions and traveling to other countries.

Raven: What sort of advice can you give inspiring cosplayers out there? 

MA: The advice I have to cosplayers is to have fun. 

Raven: What absolutely fascinates you about Death?

MA: No one knows what is after death.

Raven: And the most important question of this entire interview, Can I get a hug?

MA: Sure you can have a hug.

Raven: Thank you. The Jack O’ Lanterns have spoken and your interview will forever be my Coffin’s heart. If I could have one more question, where can our reader find more information about Molecular Agatha? 

MA: Thank you, Raven. This was amazing. Of course, you and your readers can find more information about me at the following: 



Molecular Agatha Website

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