Halloween Special: Talk with Lux Steez Cosplay

Welcome back readers to another Halloween Special Edition interview. Today, I have the pleasure to bring this new and exciting cosplayer for everyone to know and love her. Like a beautiful blood-warm taste of chocolate, she will melt your heart and when you don’t realize it, she’ll simply capture your imagination. And if that‘s not enough to entice your curiosity, her size and her amazing cosplay wear will stop your heart, permanently. Please give a howling night yell for my next child of the night, and welcome Lux Steez Cosplay. 

Raven: Welcome Lux Steez to my side of reality. I just like to say, I am so thrilled you were able to bring the love and beauty of black women into the world of Cosplay. We need more of that! 

LuxS: Hello everyone and Happy Halloween! I appreciate that very much! Raven Steel, I’ve heard about you and your interviews. I’m going to do my best not to laugh at any of your questions. YOU HEAR ME! I’m on to you!

Raven: It warms my heart to know that my reputation proceeds me and you’re not filing any charges.

Raven: As you might not know before I begin to ask you my list of Ghoulish questions, I offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement when you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in today’s world we all need some inspirational words to make it through all this. So here goes, Women are Angels. When someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly on our Broomsticks. We’re flexible like that!”

Raven: Let the Halloween festivities begin. Please Lux Steez, tell us all about yourself.

LuxS: I’m Lux Steez cosplay, my real name is Shanice Foster. I was born in Jamaica and moved to Miami, Florida for most of life.  I have dark brown alluring eyes and I’m 5’4.  I love being a crafter that allows me to make things and I also can draw very well. I don’t work out much, so my body look just comes naturally. When I need to relax, I play some games and listen to music rock, EDM, synth wave, hip hop, KPop, rap, darkwave, and Lo-Fi music. 

Raven: Is Halloween one of your favorite times of the year? 

LuxS: For me personally, I just love everything about Halloween that brings decorations and those scary movies.

Raven: If R’Kelly was a Flesh-Eating Zombie, how would Lux Steez defend herself? 

LuxS: A samurai sword for me, an extremely sharp blade.

Raven: What’s your Zodiac birth Sign?

LuxS: I’m an Aquarius, 

Raven:  If I were to visit Lux Steez in her hometown, what places would she show me to have a great time? 

LuxS: I honestly don’t go out much, but I’ll take you to a nice Korean BBQ place. Hehe. 

Raven: What can absolutely make Lux Steez scare her out of her skin? 

LuxS: I really hate worms, I can’t stand them.

Raven: Do you have a favorite Comic, Anime, Manga, graphic novel book you like to read or watch?

LuxS: It was the harry potter book series but I’m all grown up now. Kill la kill is one of my favorites, it’s empowering to me, along with bleach anime.

LuxS: Current anime is my Hero Academia as my favorite followed by demon slayer. 

Raven: What’s your favorite candy or dessert?

LuxS: I do like candy corn LOL, lollipop, and candy apples. But, if you want to get in my good side, my favorite dessert is chocolate fudge cake.

Raven: If Lux Steez became a Vampire, what outfit would she wear to hunt her prey? 

LuxS: The exact exquisite armor Queen Akasha wears. Or something close to it at least.

Raven: Being you have the body of a Supermodel, has it come in handy to avoid Police tickets?

LuxS: Haha no, I got a ticket once but the cops were very nice and it was only 5 bucks, Lol!

Raven: From your photos, you have blessed your fans with, you love a lot of exotic and superhero characters. Do these characters attract you to portray them or something else?

LuxS: I cosplay characters that empower me and I admire them wholeheartedly. I enjoy becoming the characters. I’ve pretty much cosplayed the current dream cosplay Akasha and I’m very happy with that one. 

Raven: This Halloween stormy night, you’re asked to play with the Ouiji Board, who would you contact? 

LuxS: NOPE, NOPE, &  NOPE!!!

Raven: Is there a character you would love to do?

LuxS: I want to remake my wonder woman though maybe nubia. I mostly show off my work at convention events most of the time. 

Raven: Are the Cute and Sexy characters you love as well? 

LuxS: I enjoy all forms of cosplay, the sexy, the cute, the big prop work armor builds. 

Raven: Michael Myers from Halloween, Jason, from Friday the 13th, Freddy Kruger, from Nightmare on Elm Street, who would make an interesting first date?

LuxS: Definitely Freddy Kruger, at least he talks to ya LOL!

Raven: How do you feel about characters that are Dark, Bloody, or Gothic? Interested in doing them?

LuxS: Dark and gothic characters are one of my favorites as they are very mystical and alluring. 

Raven: Do people stare when photo shooting outdoors?

LuxS: Yes, I get a lot of attention, always good, all the time, I just enjoy bringing joy to people with my costumes.

Raven: If your life could be summed up in with the name a Candy Bar?

LuxS: A Snickers Bar, Lol. 

Raven: Delicious creamy chocolate on the outside. Sweet and Nutty on the inside.

Raven: What got you started into cosplaying? 

LuxS: I got invited to a con and I had no idea what cosplay was until that day and people wanted to take pics of me in my closet put together garbage costume wear, Haha. 

Raven: What was your first character? 

LuxS: My first cosplay was Nidalee from league of legends, and Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill. 

Raven: When did you realize your cosplaying attire brought you a lot of attention? 

LuxS: Honestly, I think it was my big builds that brought a lot of attention to me within the cosplay community. 

Raven: Do black women really like staying in Haunted Places?

LuxS: HELL NO, we don’t, we look for the first way out!

Raven: Here is a curious question. Many fans want to see more of their favorite cosplayer do Lewd or Only Fans photos? What is your opinion about women doing Lewd photography?

LuxS: Women who do lewd photography are empowering and I love to see the different creative work in themed photoshoots. 

Raven: Is it something you are not comfortable doing?

LuxS: I am 100% comfortable doing lewd photography. 

Raven: Do you control what sort of photos you want to offer fans or should you give what fans want you to be seen in?

LuxS: I have full control over what content I give to my fans. Overall, mentally, the order should be YOU first, always in this line of work. I however do custom content to an extent, so if someone wants a maid outfit or catgirl they usually fund the outfit or accessories sometimes depending on if I already have it. 

Raven: What can absolutely make Lux Steez scare her out of her skin? 

LuxS: I really hate worms, I can’t stand them.

Raven: Was there ever an unusual request made from a fan wanting to see you in? If so, what?

LuxS: I get unusual requests from time to time, like feet pics, or stockings only pics. 

Raven: Why do men always ask women to take foot photos?

LuxS: I don’t understand the hype with feet pics but if it gets ya going, then hats off to ya! Haha!

Raven: Is there any profit to be made with Lewd shots?

LuxS: Yes, there is profit in lewd content, it’s here because of supply and demand and especially the people who enjoy Hentai and Anime and want to see specific content creators recreate the art. 

Raven: Because of the Pandemic, a lot of public events have been postponed until further notice. What would you love to see come back?

LuxS: All those amazing CONVENTIONS, and my MOVIE THEATRES

Raven: Do you have any new outfits you are working on that will break the internet?

LuxS: I have worked on so many projects since the pandemic, Catwoman, Morrigan, and an Among Us themed cosplay. 

Raven: What can absolutely make Lux Steez scare her out of her skin? 

LuxS: I really hate worms, I can’t stand them.

Raven: I’m always told cosplayers are always flexible when things don’t work out as planned. What do you do about it?

LuxS: We don’t overcome the things we planned, we push to the side then start another. Haha

Raven: If you could visit a country to do a photoshoot, what place would it be?

LuxS: I would love to visit New Zealand for photoshoots. 

Raven: s there a myth or legend about beautiful black women that you would like to set the record straight? 

LuxS: Black women are beautiful, just give us a chance to grow and shine, we are all different in our way and unique, we all have a special talent hehe. 

Raven: Would you rather be an Alluring Vampire or a Sexy Werewolf? 

LuxS: Always an Alluring Vampire any day

Raven: What sort of advice or words of wisdom you can offer new cosplayers out there? 

LuxS: I can say that for new cosplayers, aspiring to join the community, have fun first, and do not lose yourself in trying to get popular quickly expecting lots of clouts, you will lose yourself. Do not compare yourself to other people, it will seriously tank your mental health, and it’s unhealthy. Always have fun and make genuine friends. 

Raven: Knowing you’re a cat lover, will your cat be in a photoshoot?

LuxS: I wanted to shoot her in a Halloween set, but she will soon join the photoshoot sessions. Hehe.

Raven: If you were given a Witch’s Spell-book, what spell would you use on Raven Steel?

LuxS: Lol, turn you into a Panther or a Puma. 

Raven: Now comes the most important question of the entire interview, Can I get a Hug?

LuxS: Sure you can get a hug, I don’t bite…

Raven: As the sun rises to bring us another day of light, so must our interview must return from the darkness and its coffin door drawn to a close. That’s our interview. Thank you Lux Steez for bringing your darkness of beauty through our hearts. Now can you please release me from my torment and unlock my chains?

LuxS: Maybe. Thank you Raven Steel for having me do this Halloween Special interview with you. I had a blast.

Raven: if I can ask one more question, where can readers find more of that delicious Lux Steez candy to love to share?

LuxS: Tasty isn’t it. Of course, your reader can get more of me by going to these sites:





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This has been a Raven Steel Exclusive.


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