We have the Teaser for the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians Video Game for you today. And if you had been disappointed with the last installment of Halo, I think this time around your mind will be changed. Check out the teaser for the new game below, and let us know what you think after the JUMP!

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Well. This is interesting.

Microsoft just gave us a Halo 5: Guardians teaser trailer that says so little, yet says SO MUCH. For instance, the YouTube page for the above video gives a link to a Tumblr page cryptically called “hunt the truth.” There’s a countdown ticker on that page ending tomorrow evening so either some more news or another cryptic message may be nigh!

If you played the Master Chief Collection for Xbox One, which included all four tentpole installments of the Halo franchise, you likely noticed some brand new cinematics bookending Halo 2 that tie in to the story going forward. Arbiter was flanked by a brand new Spartan named Agent Locke and they were discussing our beloved John-117 while on the way to an undisclosed drop spot. If you didn’t happen to see them, here’s a handy video:

Funny enough, Agent Locke is decidedly not hunting down Master Chief to get an autograph. The reasons he gave above were sufficiently vague to play into a secondary hunt-the-Chief narrative that seems to be a part of Halo 5, but the details, they have been a-lacking.

Turns out, Locke and ONI are keen to wrangle John back into the herd to figure out why he’s a gosh darn traitor! Yes, apparently, despite kicking some serious Promethean ass and keeping the Covenant at bay all by his lonesome, the lack of status reports has left Chief’s superiors a little suspicious that he might be a traitor. After all, they don’t know how he saved the world again, because no one was around to see him do it. The bullet in the teaser very clearly has “traitor” written on it, as one can see from the default YouTube image, and if it’s paused *just so* when spiraling through the air directly to a Master Chief helmet. (Speaking of that helmet, you’ll be able to own one for yourself soon.)

At the end of Halo 3, John went into cryosleep while Cortana staid the course to monitor his vitals and make sure the battered shell of the Forward Unto Dawn they’d been stranded on didn’t bump into any wayward space pebbles. I could be wrong, because I’ve played the games out of order many times since their respective releases, but it seems to me that the ONI changing his designation from missing-in-action to suspected traitor might have something to do with his new enemy from 4, The Didact. Purely speculation, but he seems like a more manipulative dude than your average wait-they’re-alive-Forerunner. Naturally, you’re all welcome to speculate with me below in the quemments as well as on Twitter. What does it all mean!?

Check the gallery below for more Halo images, including Locke from the Halo: Nightfall series. Something tells me that he’ll come around.


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