HARLEY QUINN to Appear in ‘GOTHAM’ Season 3 Finale!

In the ‘GothamBatman Universe, all of the villains from the Batman Universe are on the table. But, one of the most popular Batman Villains has been absent from the cast until now. David Mazouz has let the cat out of the bag that ‘Harley Quinn‘ will appear in the Season Finale! Many fans are going to be very excited about this. Do you think that Barbara Keen will become Harley, or will it be a new actress? Check out all the details below and let us know if you are excited about Harley on the small screen and who will be playing her AFTER THE JUMP!
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“She’s going to be in the finale. Stay tuned,” he promised before delving into what’s next for Bruce.

“Something major happens in the very last scene of Season 3 for Bruce. He makes a decision, that decision will influence what he does. I don’t know what’s happening in Season 4 yet, I haven’t had a script or talked to the writers about what’s going to happen, but where I see it going is somewhere I’ve wanted to see it going for a very long time. You’ll see what I mean. Bruce is going to be very busy taking on this new role that he assumes at the end of Season 3 and I think it’ll be really cool.”

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