Harmony Gold Sues Hasbro over SDCC Exclusive!


It seems the makers of Macross have decided to sue Hasbro for releasing the “Jetfire” character likeness as part of this year’s SDCC Exclusive set. Check out all the details below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: seibertron.com)

Robotech distributors Harmony Gold are not happy about Hasbro’s recent SDCC 2013 exclusive G.I. Joe/Transformers Crossover set. The set features a G.I. Joe V.A.M.P. as Hound and G.I. Joe Skystriker as Jetfire with booster pack along with Baroness with Ravage, Bludgeon inspired Samurai, and Snake Eyes action figures. Apparently Harmony Gold feels the Jetfire toy treads on their intellectual property and has filed a copyright lawsuit in Federal Court. The filing can be viewed by clicking here


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