Hasbro Announces 18 New G.I.Joe Figures for 2016!


With about 2 weeks to go until the final G.I.Joe Convention, Hasbro has announced that they do indeed plan on having G.I.Joe figures on the shelves in 2016. In fact, they have announced a lineup of 18 figures. This will included Exclusives from SDCC, Entertainment Earth and Toys R Us. For more information on what is coming check out the details below, and sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

Hasbro is gearing up for the 2016 G.I. Joe series, and Hasbro Pulse is excited to host an intriguing peek at the first brand-endorsed look at the entire line. 2016 will kick off with an exclusive set (available at San Diego Comic Con) and then a series available exclusively at Toys R Us and Entertainment Earth. The eighteen figures slated for 2016 are all arranged in the crossword puzzle below, including the Kindle Worlds Fan Choice figure Stiletto – the only character previously announced in this year’s lineup. The rest of the puzzle is up to the fans to fill in, and NONE of the names have been given any clues or hints.


We realize that offering up a crossword puzzle with zero name hints is pretty rough, but we’re certain that even obscure hints would get sniffed out quickly by our diehard Joe collectors. Instead, fans have a chance to collaborate and discuss before the correct puzzle is revealed this year at the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention in Loveland, Colorado. Come to the Hasbro Brand Panel on Saturday, June 18th to see the puzzle revealed and also get your first peek at the G.I. Joe prototype figures for 2016!

Source: Hasbro

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