Hasbro Announces IDW Revolution SDCC 2017 Set!

REVOLUTION Comic Action Figures CR: Hasbro

Story by Skinny

It was revealed today that a new exclusive will be making its way to San Diego Comic Con this month. The much talked about IDW Revolution Comic Book series and Hasbro Shared Universe is making its way to actoin figure form. The Set includes 

Renegades Roadblock 
Matt Trakker fresh from IDW’s comic
Action Man
Dire Wraith
Leoric from Visionaries 
Assorted miniature Micronauts
Images courtesy of General’s Joes

REVOLUTION Comic Action Figures CR: Hasbro

Five of these figures should be of particular interest to GIJOE fans.

A blast from the past, the first visionaries figure in decades.
The first Rom figure in decades other than the SDCC mighty mugg.
The first Wraith figure…ever.
Micronauts that are about the size of a 1:18 accessory.

You can bet this set will be sought after by Rom fans, Visionaries fans, MASK fans, Micronaut fans.

GIJOE fans may or may not want Renegades Roadblock to round out the series. Better late than never.
Transformer fans might want Jetfire, but that one is hard to tell.

I will be F5’ing away to get Action Man ( I like the new comic a lot) Rom and the Wraith.

Will you be picking some up? Sound off AFTER THE JUMP!


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