Hasbro listens to fans SDCC Exclusive to be at Retail!


How many years have G.I.Joe fans begged to have the characters and vehicles released as SDCC Exclusives, also made available to the great fan base at retail. This year this is actually going to happen as the ‘Danger at The Docks‘ set will be available at Toy’s R Usfollowing the San Diego Comic Con. For more on this, check out the info below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: OG13)

“During Toy Fair in February, it was announced that Hasbro would be releasing an exclusive SDCC version of the G.I.Joe 50th Anniversary “Danger At The Docks” set which is coming to Toys R’ Us and etailers later this year. The SDCC exclusive version will be packaged with a Cobra Night Raft like the regular version and come with a Vamp and Flint figure painted in vintage colors like we saw back in the 80′s (see below). Due to lack of news on the SDCC set since then, some speculated that it had been canceled but we have confirmation from Hasbro that in fact it is still coming as an SDCC exclusive next month. Stay-tuned for an official announcement and new images.”

And to clear up whether or not this EXCLUSIVE set will be released at Toys R Us, listen to General_Hawk from yojoe.com:

“Hasbro’s Public Relations firm has made available the high resolution press photos for the ComicCon 2014 “Danger at the Docks” set. This set begins as an SDCC Exclusive, but then should be available at Toys “R” Us following the debut in San Diego.

I know there has been some confusion about the availability of this set, but as first reported right here on YoJoe, the intention is for this set to be available at Toys “R” Us following its release at SDCC. You can find some images below, including a great shot of some brand new accessories built just for this set!”



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