Hayley Atwell Talks Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 2!


There is quite a wait before Marvel’s Agent Carter gets rolling on season 2 at the midway point of this fall’s TV Season. So any news on what we can expect from the show is always welcome. Today we have a great interview with Hayley Atwell herself on some of the facets of the upcoming season. Check out what she has to say below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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Hayley Atwell teases Agent Carter Season 2

Agent Carter’s Hayley Atwell was recently in attendance at the CTVUpfronts in Toronto and touched on what’s to come in the spy drama’s second season. As the show moves to Los Angeles it appears Peggy Carter’s life is about to get a touch of glam. “We’re going to LA for season 2. I kind of keep thinking L.A. Confidential in my head when I think about season 2 – there’s a very dark glamor to it. And there’ll be lots of beautiful shots of the rolling Hollywood hills and palm trees and maybe Peggy sitting in a convertible, with a head scarf, looking fabulous. I love playing her. ..I know her so well, you’re not creating a character from scratch anymore, she’s established, so we can have more fun with [the show]. ”
Atwell on filming Agent Carter stunts

As far as what Atwell loves about filming Agent Carter, it’s the stunts that bring her a lot of enjoyment. In an effort to try and make the show as authentic as possible, Hayley as insisted that she does all of her own stunts on the show. “I love [the stunts]. I insisted that I do all my own stunts. I have two stunt coordinators who trained me up – it’s like a dance. It all feels fluid, you have to get the right movements and make sure there’s enough distance between you and the stunt men so you don’t hurt them – which I’ve done many time. [But] it’s a blast. You get to channel any tension or aggression you’ve got. ”
Hayley says Agent Carter’s not in Captain America: Civil War

Hayley would go on to add that the writing room for Agent Carter is now open and she’s got the think tank on speed dial, trying to figure out what’s to come. Apparently the writers have been asking whether she can sing and dance, so perhaps there’s a Musical episode to come? Atwell also touched on her trip to the Captain America: Civil War set, which she says was just a visit to see some friends. While Atlanta does have one of the world’s busiest airports it’s just way too suspicious for us to buy the fact that she was only visiting the set and not actually filming


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