Heroes Con 2015 With Will Joines!



Story Courtesy of Serpentorslair Staffer Will Joines!

For 9 of the past 10 years I have been attending the Charlotte area comic convention put on by local shop Heroes Arent Hard to Find, http://www.heroesonline.com/ , Heroes Con. They have been putting this show on since the early 80’s and it just keep getting bigger each year. To put that in perspective, this year marked the second year that Stan Lee has made an appearance in the past 3-4. Heroes is not the typical con that many have come to expect, especially when compared with the likes of SDCC, DragonCon, and Wizard World, it is geared to promote the artists, writers and comics themselves. Heroes does not attempt to get hollywood names to show up, nor have special events to promote the comic/ pop culture related films that other cons do. Heroes is the comic fans con and that is part of why I like it.

My own con experience each year, as of late, consists of searching for comics, collectibles and doing my own cosplay. I rarely take pictures of the artists and writers who attend, but I do try to nab a few. This year some notable attendees other than Mr. Lee were the wonderful Arthur Adams ( A SUPER NICE DUDE), Ben Templesmith (of 30 days of Night fame), Dave Peterson (author and artist of Mouse Guard), Tom Scioli (who is doing the really neat GI Joe vs TF comic that is out currently), Evan Dorkin (creator of MIlk & Cheese), C. Martin Croker (comic artist, animator and ZORAK!!), and MANY MANY MORE.

Now I dont usually snap pictures of anything, but I did force myself to take pictures of people doing their cosplay in between me doing my own and being photographed (I have only found on picture of my stuff from this year, and it is in the group photo).

That being said, I wont go into my con experiences for this year because to put it simply I walked around a lot, bought some cool shit and just enjoyed 3 days of nerding out. Maybe next year Ill try to do something a bit more constructive.

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