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My interview with Scarlet Flame cosplay.

Have yourself a little Christmas Schwibbogen. Welcome back to another Holiday interview as my series meeting these FABULOUS cosplayers is in full swing.  My next guest, as you might have guessed, is from Germany. With the many historical locations and artwork, it is no wonder why the beloved Schatz takes the most amazing photographs from some gifted photographers to show-off her cosplay artwork. Doing this as a hobby, she loves bringing these characters to life. This wonderful cosplayer is here today and willing to share her exclusive holiday interview with us. So please give an American Holiday LOVE to this enchantress, cosplayer Scarlet Flame.

Raven: Hello Scarlet Flame cosplay. It is so nice to finally meet you. You are the Christmas ornament missing from my tree. 

Scarlet: Hello Raven from Germany, Merry Christmas to you in America, Thank you so much to have this Holiday interview with you. It is a gift I will always remember.

Raven: Thank you, Scarlet. I cannot wait to get started.

Raven: As you might know, I have a tradition with all of my interviews and offer some words of advice, a ballad of encouragement if you find yourself at crossroads during your career, and in dire need of inspirational words. So here goes, Marriage is not just spiritual communion. It is also remembering to take out the trash. I hope this advice lasts a lifetime!

Raven: As I continue to wrap my gifts and leave them under my tree, would you be so kind and open your heart and tell us about yourself.

Scarlet: I’m Scarlet Flame, a GermanCosplayer from Germany. My eyes are dark brown, my real hair color is ash blond, but most of the time I dye them red or violet. I am 158 cm. and speak only German ad English with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Management which is my full-time job next to cosplaying. 

Raven: In Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, what Christmas ghost would you find interested to talk to?

Scarlet: Ghost of the present to see how others celebrate Christmas

Raven: What does Scarlet Flame love seeing during this Holiday Season while in Germany? 

Scarlet: Normally, I would go to the Christmas market with my friends or colleagues to eat and drink hot wine.

Raven: I’ve never tasted hot wine. It must be as popular as Hot chocolate here in the states. 

Raven: What sort of music do you love to listen to? 

Scarlet: Symphonic metal like within temptation, beyond the black or hard rock like disturbed.

Raven: What sort of places would you show Raven Steel to have a good time or places to eat in your country? 

Scarlet: A lot of castles and eat typical Bavarian food like Haxen and Spanferkel.

Raven: Where can I go Christmas shopping while visiting Germany?

Scarlet: If you want typical Christmas gifts, on our Christmas markets

Raven: I just discovered the reason to drop my 2021 diet. That sounds FABULOUS. 

Raven: Sorry PETA!

Raven: What is the Young Avengers Europe?  

Scarlet: We are a marvel cosplay group, the biggest in Germany with over 100 members, and we have at many conventions with various booths or doing promotion at cinemas, etc

Raven: What are Sparklewinx workshops: Boot covers, Petticoats?

Scarlet: Sparklewinx is my Winx Club group with 4 of my friends. We did a lot of Winx club cosplays together.

Raven: That sounds so wonderful to share your cosplay ideas with others. 

Raven:  My apologies, please continue. 

Scarlet: Workshops about how to make your boot covers for cosplays and a workshop with tutorials on how to make a petticoat or hoop skirt for your fancy dresses. I do all my over-knee boots for my cosplays by myself

Raven: Who do you think should someone be visited by the Christmas devil, Krampus?

Scarlet: It’s a Secret list 🙂

Raven: Characters such as Dark, Bloody, or Gothic interest you doing them. 

Raven: Or just the cute and sexy ones?

Scarlet: I’ve cosplayed Cinder, from RWBY which is evil, and Selene from Underworld. I have to like the character and design. 

Scarlet: I don’t cosplay only cute characters. More independent and strong-willed types.

Raven: How is the cosplay atmosphere in Germany? Is it widely accepted? Do people LOVE or HATE it?

Scarlet: Most people are nice to us and ask us what we are doing. More and more people know what cosplay is. They are impressed that we do those costumes by ourselves and families loves to look outside of cons to take pictures with us

Raven: In the middle of the night, a Killer Santa broke down your bedroom door. What would Scarlet Flame find and pick up to defend herself with?

Scarlet: Nothing, I can throw pillows and stuff toys at them.

Raven: What is the first thing people notice about Scarlet Flame Cosplay when they meet you for the first time?

Scarlet: I’m short, I look bigger in photos and everyone is surprised that I’m over 30 years old.

Raven: I am a strong believer that 30 is the new 20 and 50 is the new 40.

Raven: What do the German women want in their Christmas stocking?

Scarlet: If I look at my friends: something the giver thought about hard, no cooking supplies.

Raven: What things do you find cosplaying to be so exciting to do? 

Scarlet: Being creative, learning so many different kinds of techniques, looking differently, and that I can do acting during skits or photo shootings.

Raven: Are there any drawbacks?

Scarlet: When I see how fast others learn new techniques, I need some years for me to learn all this or when my cosplay doesn’t look like it should. It’s time to bush-up on new ways of doing things. 

Raven: I’ve noticed most of your cosplay outfits are handmade. Are you a seamstress?

Scarlet: No I learned everything by myself and ask friends for tips or try it out.

Raven: What is Scarlet Flame’s favorite dessert during the Holidays?

Scarlet: Too many, but I love my self-made mousse chocolate.

Raven: What places, whether indoor/outdoor have you done your photoshoots? 

Scarlet: At conventions, parks, industrial parks, the harbor, the forest, the hotels, at of course at home,

Raven: Home is where the heart of cosplay is found. 

Raven: Is there any place in the world would you love to do a photoshoot in?

Scarlet: Neuschwanstein Castle inside, other castles inside, jungles.

Raven: How have your fans treated Scarlet Flame cosplay overall? 

Scarlet: I don’t have so many fans but most love that I do so various kind of cosplays and that I can show sexy outfits in a strong way, not only in a sexy way

Raven: Would you ever do cosplay with exotic animals like a Tiger or Leopard? 

Scarlet: I would love to but for me, I try to be conscious of the well-being of animals, are treated well, and have a good life. So don’t think that will ever happen.

Raven: What Christmas gift would your fans get to make you cry?

Scarlet: Anything handmade.

Raven: What places/locations in Germany have you done photoshoots?

Scarlet: Outside the Castles in Würzburg and Karlsruhe, opera Nuremberg outside, park at Castle Schwetzingen, including the mosque there

Raven: Does the public stare or ask questions when you’re doing a photoshoot?

Scarlet: Most are interested in what we are doing, some are thinking we are doing this for a theatre and sometimes they ask for a picture together.

Raven: Which would you choose, be the wisest or richest in the world? 

Scarlet: Wisest, you can get rich with intelligence too.

Raven: Does your personality reflect the character you portray or does the personality of the character reflect a personality you want to become?

Scarlet: Depends on which character I portray.

Raven: Should the body of a woman dictate what sort of character to cosplay?

Scarlet: No cosplay what you want, you can body shape a lot with different kind of technics

Raven: How did you get the name of Scarlet Flame cosplay?

Scarlet: Puuhh… I wanted first only Scarlet but this was taken

Scarlet is for fire and the color red, both are part of me and Rogue has the nickname Scarlett O’Hara, Flame for fire, blazing, my temperament.

Raven: What do you want this Christmas gift?

Scarlet: Items for my wedding next year.  Also, I want to relax this Christmas with my fiancé and our families.

Raven: What sort of new cosplay outfits are you working on for next year?

Scarlet: Many are from this 2020 year. Merida, Psylocke, and Rogue from a dessi desu design, Musa Winx Club first civil Outfit. I had no motivation for new and upcoming cosplay outfits.

Raven: If cosplay never became a passion for you, what would your next passion be?

Scarlet: Dancing and horse riding.

Raven: That would be FABULOUS. I heard horses forge a bond with their rider.

Raven: Is there a photographer that you love to use in your shoots?

Scarlet: Yeah! A-Z Production, _soulcatcher_photography_ S.Photography (insta all)

Raven: Has there ever been an unusual photo request from someone? If so, what?

Scarlet: Photos with the feet in focus or nude shots in which I don’t like this kind of harassment.

Raven: Will you ever cosplay a character that will be outside your comfort zone?

Scarlet: Perhaps, in the past, even Psylocke was out of my comfort zone, now I love her

Raven: What sort of advice can you offer to those who are starting themselves into cosplay?

Scarlet; Everyone is different. If someone learns fast, don’t compare with them. Have your speed and be proud of everything you learn. 

Scarlet: And try to figure things out. It took many years for me to learn to craft armor for example.

Raven: And finally, if Raven Steel was naughty all this year, what sort of gift would you give him?

Scarlet: A piece of coal.

Raven: Well Boy and Girls, that’s all the time we have for this Christmas interview. I want to thank Scarlet Flame cosplay for giving some wonderful answers and insight about Germany and it’s heritage. Just to give you fare warning, I’m going to book my flight with Lufthansa tomorrow. 

Scarlet: Thank you so much Raven for such and fun and easy-going interview with me, but I hope the piece of coal warms everyone’s Christmas 2020.

Raven: If I could ask you for one more question, and ask where can readers find more of Scarlet Flame cosplay? 

Scarlet: Of course, here are some of my websites and wishlists wrapped in shiny wrapping paper with a big red bow!

My sites

Facebook page: Scarlet Flame Cosplay

Scarlet (@scarletrogue) • Instagram photos and videos

Scarlet Castiel (@ScarletsFlame)

Wishlist at Amazon


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This has been a Raven Steel exclusive.

Photographers: Rin Tohsake (Fate stay night)

Sarah Pezzini (Witchblade comics) and




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