How The G.I.Joe Online Community has Failed – Op Ed.


(Piece Courtesy of Socrates Mark II)

Now, I bet you clicked into this article with steaming butthurt rage because the title offends you, but before you spew out moronic BS, read this. As almost all of us can already tell, G.I. Joe altogether is dying at a rapid pace. You’d be lying to yourself if you say otherwise. The primary factor that’s contributing to its death, are the consumers (people buying the product), primarily middle-aged men that still live with their parents. Now that we’ve established that the community dedicated towards this hobby is destroying it, let’s get on to the other reasons why the G.I. Joe collecting community as a whole is terrible.

For starters, almost every single community that I’ve participated in, or observed, is incredibly childlike. A prime candidate for an example of this would be almost all of Hisstank. Not only do they whine and moan over every little price increase because they’re too fat to get a job, but they also abuse moderator powers. The admins on G.I. Joe collecting sites are similar to the Gestapo; they ban anyone that offends them or disagrees with them. Like a little kid, they plug their ears to the issues that are presented before them rather than trying to settle them like an adult. This results in trash tier moderation where practices like favoritism and making everyone a moderator, which is unfortunately all too common. The sites that actually have decent moderation teams don’t succeed because your average basement dwelling Joe collector wants the feeling of power from being an Internet forum moderator and pats on the back from their friends higher up.

Secondly, every single community is prone to drama and what would be called “site wars.” Since our average Joe collector userbase consists of manchildren, you’ll notice that drama and conflict tends to snowball out of control ridiculously fast. The results include a divided forum with users holding pointless grudges for years, and each side points at the other for their problems (Hisstank and The Terrordrome are good examples of this). Often the sites born out of the chaos that destroyed the last site claim to be “better” or “improved” than the previous, but they carry over the same problems. Creating a new site doesn’t fix anything at all since you still have the same people, but you’re on a new site with less people. The G.I. Joe collecting community will collapse even faster than it already is if it keeps going in this direction.

Third of all, communities are terrible whenever it comes to taking in new users. The people who have been posting and browsing a forum for a long time will exclude new users in favor of their hivemind, resulting in a userbase that shrinks daily without any sign of growth. Whenever someone tries to complain and contribute by pointing out flaws with the site in question, they get silenced by the moderators. Usually not too long afterwards, everyone else will complain about the same issues and whine. Not too long after that, the site dies. At this rate, I expect the majority of Joe communities to die within the next 2-3 years.

Overall, G.I. Joe’s collecting base has been destroyed by the behavior of jobless, manchildren neckbeards. You know your fandom is bad whenever Weeaboos and Furries can act in a better manner than the majority of your community can. There’s nothing much that can be done to fix everything at this point.

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