Hugh Jackman Talks his Final Roles as ‘Wolverine’!


The run of actor Hugh Jackman as the legendary comic book character, ‘Wolverine‘, is coming to a close. Sadly for fans we only have a few more movies to take in before it is over. Today we have an interview with Hugh Jackman where he discusses his upcoming roles in Wolverine 3, and Deadpool. Check out what he has to say below, and share your thoughts after the JUMP!



Saying he “never liked to be the last guy at the party,” X-Men franchise superstar Hugh Jackman told Entertainment Tonight that he’s hanging up the claws…because of the diet he has to subject himself to for the role.

“It was a gut feeling,” Jackman joked in a video interview, which you can see below. “I don’t know how many more egg white omelettes I can eat.”

While refusing to say much on the possibility of cameo roles in X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool, actor Hugh Jackman says that he’s ready for his third Wolverine solo outing.

“Hmmm, I can’t … no. Nope,” Jackman told The Huffington Post when quizzed about the potential for the actor to show up in Deadpool. “But, I am really good mates with [Reynolds] so…”

He had even less to say about Apocalypse, limiting himself to a “Who knows?” response.

“Weirdly, I’m really excited about shooting [the final film],” Jackman said in the interview. “I feel great enthusiasm. I suppose it’s denial — like the football player who announces their retirement before their last season — and so I’m really looking forward to it. But, I know its not over yet! I still got a lot of 4 o’clock mornings and a hell of a lot of egg white omelettes and steamed chicken to have, and all of that.”

He said that he had high hopes for his last outing as the ol’ Canucklehead: “I feel very blessed that I loved playing this part,” he said. “The last Wolverine and that last X-Men were maybe two of the best and I feel like, hopefully, we’ll do it again with this last one.”

Deadpool will be out in February, X-Men: Apocalypse later in 2016 and Wolverine 3 in 2017.


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