Interview with G.I.Joe Retaliation’s ‘James Madigan’!


James Madigan was the VFX supervisor and also a 2nd unit director on G.I.Joe Retaliation. He was there from day one of pre-production all the way through the editing process. He has some interesting insights into the movie. Check out the excerpt below, then join in the Discussion after the Jump!


We had a meeting on it. I saw the first “Joe,” which is great for the genre it’s in. It’s very sort of fantastical. It has a certain feel to it. It’s not how I approach visual effects. I try to shoot as much as I can real. I’m a 3D animator, so I love that as a tool. I do think it can be overused, though. The general style that I like to employ is one that doesn’t rely 100% on it all the time. The first meeting I had with them, I was sort of saying, “Seeing that this is a franchise, that’s the look that you’ve established. Is that something that you’re keen to carry on? Because it kind of feels like this show would be great if you went for a ‘Hurt Locker’ or a ‘Black Hawk Down.’ Something like Nolan did moving from the Schumacher Batmans to the updated Batman.” Everyone in the room was like, “Exactly!” The idea being that we’re going for this sort of gritty realism but within the terms of what Joe is and what makes Joe interesting.


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