Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Mandarin


Today we have a look at the all new Marvel Legends Mandarin Figure. If you have Seen Iron Man 3, you will be stoked to add this figure to your collection. Check out the skinny on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: Toyark)

We missed this in light of the awesomeness of Iron Man 3 premiering a few days ago. What’s an Iron Man 3 toyline without the Mandarin? It just ain’t right! Io9 has posted an exclusive 1st look at the Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends Mandarin action figure. Finally your Mark 42 armor has someone to fight! No word on other armors/figures yet(and we’re guessing there’s quite a few more you would want to see).

Read on to check out the new Mandarin figure!


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