Is Michael Bay’s Shredder an UTROM?


We all missed the boat on this one yesterday. But it was brought to my attention after further study of the images released yesterday of Shredder from the new TMNT movie, that Shredder is either Krang OR an Utrom OR Both! Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!



Besides the leaked images from yesterday, was provided with information regarding the Michael Bay-produced, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A source “close to the production” instructed us to take a good hard look at the abdominal region on the leaked image of Shredder (played by William Fichtner). Do you see it? Our source tells us that’s KRANG!

Krang – Prior to the start of the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, Krang was in command of an army of Rock Soldiers under the leadership of General Traag, and took the completed Technodrome, a powerful mobile battle fortress, and banished Von Drakus who helped Krang build it to Earth. When he was banished from Dimension X, Krang was stripped of his body and reduced to a brain-like form.

Krang allied himself with the Shredder, who, along with his robotic Foot Soldier army, moved into the Technodrome. In exchange, the Shredder had to design and build a new body for Krang, a human-shaped exo-suit. Shredder lived up to his part of the bargain in the season 1 episode “Shredder was Splintered”, in no small part because he was unable to deal with the Turtles and needed Krang’s help. – Wikipedia

Before you freak out, there are two possibilities. One is that Shredder and Krang are one-in-the-same. Or, it’s the traditional version of Krang slightly tweaked. Let me explain. Krang is a body-less creature, and Shredder in the original animated series built him a human-like body so that he could move around and such. Thus, that image above could be of a Shredder-like body that was built specifically for Krang.

Update! A third possibility was mentioned by several users in the comment section. Perhaps it is not Krang, but actually Ch’rell (aka Utrom Shredder). Who was an Utrom that impersonated The Shredder. Big thanks to our smart commenters for pointing this out.

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