Is Sarah Gadon the new “Mary Jane” in Amazing Spider-Man 2?


Just days after reported that Mary Jane would “Not” be in Amazing Spider-Man 2, it seems that there is a high possibility that she has only been “recast” with actress Sarah Gadon.  Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Well … that was fast.
Just days after it was announced that Shailene Woodley’s scenes as Mary Jane Watson have been cut from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” comes news that a replacement may already be locked in. It looks like “Cosmopolis” actress Sarah Gadon may have hit the recently vacated jackpot — though there are still plenty of questions left to be reported on Thursday that Gadon has been hired to replace Woodley as Mary Jane. Moments after that report, The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider tweeted, “Being told that reports of SARAH GADON being cast as Mary Jane Watson in Amazing Spider-Man 2 are NOT TRUE!”But then came another tweet, this time from ET Canada. They reported that Gadon “confirmed to us that she is joining The Amazing Spider-Man franchise,” but no further details were given.So, let’s chew on all of that for a moment. If Gadon says she’s in “Spider-Man,” she’s probably in “Spider-Man.” But she did not specify her role (or at least ET Canada didn’t relay that information to its readers), and even Sneider points out in a follow-up tweet, “Joining [the] franchise wouldn’t be same as playing MJ.”Is it possible that Gadon’s playing a different character, then? Felicia Hardy, perhaps — even though that role is rumored to belong to Felicity Jones? Or maybe Gadon really is playing MJ, and all of the hullabaloo about Woodley’s scenes being cut to save Peter’s iconic love interest for “Amazing Spider-Man 3” was just thinly veiled smoke and mirrors that would make the great Mysterio shake his head in embarrassment?

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