‘Jeremy Renner’ Reveals his Captain America Civil War Costume!


Actor Jeremy Renner, who plays the character, ‘Hawkeye‘ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, shared a glimpse at his new uniform for the upcoming movie, ‘Captain America: Civil War‘. Check out the shot below, and let us know what you think after the JUMP!
(Source: Comicbook.com)

He even brought Ant-Man along, which means Scott Lang will be on Captain America’s side (as hinted in the Ant-Man post credits scene), seeing as Renner confirmed his Hawkeye was written onto Team Cap. This decision makes sense, seeing as Hawkeye wants to protect his family (which we met in Age of Ultron) safe and secret. Nevertheless, the sides have been drawn!

What do you think of the new Hawkeye costume? Are still waiting for a mask? Don’t hold your breath. Renner also confirmed that Hawkeye won’t be wearing a mask through Infinity War, but rather, would follow the path of “the Ultimates version.” With this costume, all we really need is more and more Hawkeye in the movies to satisfied, at this point!

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.

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