JoeCon Photo Backdrop Attraction KickStarter Now Live!


How many of you went to Joecon this year? Raise your hand. Now how many of you either posed alone, posed with a friend, or posed with your favorite joe or cobra in front of the explosion backdrop? Raise your hand. Really! that’s awesome! You know what?
Those darn Star Wars fans have it made. They get to stand in front of Death Stars or Tie Fighters or Coruscant or Tattooine, not really fair is it? Then Hasbro took away our only backdrop, the giant card. So we decided to take matters into our own hands! So let’s do it up in style next year! Remember Dusty Crosley? NO? Perhaps this will refresh your memory:



Everyone commented on how spectacular his art is.

Well guess what?
Dusty (gotta love that name) has agreed to do a painted backdrop for Joecon IF the kickstarter is funded. He has even agreed to let you decide a vehicle to toss into the mix. That is right you get to pick your favorite vehicle to put in the painting if you pledge at a certain level.  Other levels include a print of the design or even a signed print. We even have a stretch goal to make an even BIGGER backdrop if we hit the goal early. I think I can persuade Dusty to show us some work in progress sketches if we get close to our goal as well.

This is a great way to show your support for the GIJOE community as a whole, to let them enjoy something pretty cool at the con. We cannot rely on Hasbro to provide all the fun now can we? So if you want to improve the con experience here is the link to the kickstarter, go now!

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