Jurassic Park 6″ ‘John Hammond’ Figure – Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone. I’m Train and today I’m taking a look at the 6 inch Jurassic Park John Hammond figure. I saw this one in the store and did not hesitate to pick him up. Jurassic Park hit the big screen in 1993 and it was an instant hit. The idea of bringing back dinosaurs alone was mind blowing. In the movie John Hammond was the mastermind behind creating a park with real live dinosaurs.

It was a brilliant movie and it still holds up to today’s cgi. It was no surprise this one was a hit and even the sequels as bad as they may be were pure entertainment. The reboot of Jurassic World brought many figures and dinosaurs, but this John Hammond figure brought back many memories of the original movie and sparked a whole new value to the movie. This figure is spot on and I’m happy they made him.

Who loves the original Jurassic Park movie? Who is looking for more 6 inch figures from the original movie? Sound off below and share your opinions with us! Make sure to check back on my reviews and stories!


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