‘Katana’ Revealed In Teaser For Arrow’s “This Is Your Sword”!


If you saw the teaser for next week’s episode of ‘Arrow‘ last evening you probably glossed over the short clip where the character ‘Katana‘ was revealed. But today we have a screen grab from the promo from next week’s episode of Arrow titled, ‘This is Your Sword‘. Check it out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: comicbook.com)

When next week’s episode of Arrow was announced as being called “This Is Your Sword,” fans immediately assumed that it was about Ra’s al Ghul, the season’s big bad who wields a sword capably enough to have killed Oliver Queen with it in the midseason premiere.

Instead, it looks like it could be a reference to the first in-costume appearance of Katana, the DC Universe’s sword-wielding badass best known from her time with Batman and the Outsiders (later Green Arrow and the Outsiders) and the Justice League of America.

In the comics, Katana is an incredibly skilled swordsmith whose blade is possessed by spirits of those whom it has killed. She fights crime and injustice in memory of her husband and son, who were murdered. Named Tatsu Yamashiro, the non-costumed version of her character has played a role in this season, even being the one to be responsible for Oliver’s “resurrection.” We hadn’t yet seen the costumed version of Katana.



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