Kevin Feige Teases Red Skull and Real Mandarin Returning?


Kevin Feige has fans all in a frenzy with his recent tease that The Red Skull and the actual Mandarin may be returning to the Marvel Movie Universe. Check out more on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: comicbookmovie)

In a recent interview with IGN Movies, Kevin Feige was quizzed about the return of a couple of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most iconic villains. When it came to The Mandarin (who controversially was revealed to be an English actor called Trevor in Iron Man 3), he revealed: “There have been [talks]. That’s one of the reasons we wanted to do the fun short that Drew Pearce wrote and directed. That was to clarify, ‘Hey, just because we did this thing doesn’t mean this other thing doesn’t exist.’ And as we were making Iron Man 3 — and I think Drew’s spoken about this — that was always our intention, was that Aldrich Killian was perverting the notion of these things he’s heard.” As for how introducing the “real” Mandarin could work after the events of that movie, Feige pointed out that they did actually drop a few hints in both the One-Shot mentioned above and Iron Man 3. “There’s a little bit of that when he’s doing his detective work in his lab after Happy’s been injured outside the Chinese Theater. He’s talking about, ‘Okay, the Mandarin is taken from various iconographies and mythologies from across the world.’ The idea was always there was somebody like this. There had been rumors of somebody like this, and Aldrich Killian just built on that, to make his version.”

As for another iconic villain whose death was handled in a rather ambiguous fashion is Captain America: The First Avenger’s Red Skull. Hugo Weaving had made it clear that he has very little interest in reprising the role, but as fans of the comic books will know, he has his ways of coming back! “Well, the way we showed his ‘demise’ in The First Avenger was to showcase to people that he could perhaps pop up again sometime,” he teased. “I honestly don’t know when or where that would be.” We’ll be bringing you some exclusive details on why exactly the Red Skull wasn’t included in Captain America: The Winter Soldier tomorrow, but for now, be sure to share your thoughts on these comments in the usual place!


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