KRYPTON 2×06 ‘In Zod We Trust’ TONIGHT!

TONIGHT on an all new episode of Krypton titled, ‘In Zod We Trust‘! Seg and Nyssa work together to save their son. Check out the official press release and clip below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMPKrypton airs TONIGHT on Syfy!

SCFI-E – 66 Wed, 7/17, 10:00 PM 1 hr

“In Zod We Trust”

New, 7/17/2019, Season 2 / Episode 6 , Sci-fi, Drama, Action, Adventure, Superhero

Seg and Nyssa attempt to save their son; the Wegthor alliances fall apart.

Credits: Cameron Cuffe (Actor), Shaun Sipos (Actor), Ann Ogbomo (Actor), Aaron Pierre (Actor), Georgina Campbell (Actor), Wallis Day (Actor)

KRYPTON 2×06 ‘In Zod We Trust’!


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