Latest Ant-Man Movie Photos Reveal Best Look at Yellowjacket!


Today we have a new batch of photos from Marvel’s upcoming, ‘Ant-Man’ movie. This grouping gives us a stellar look at Yellowjacket, as well as Ant-Man himself in tiny form. Check out all the shots below and sound off with your opinions after the JUMP!

(Source: cinemablend)

Are you ready for our best look yet at the villainous Yellowjacket in this year’s Ant-Man? While Marvel was busy dropping the latest Avengers 2 trailer online for the masses, a new batch of photos from Paul Rudd’s size-shrinking superhero heist film has also debuted. Aside from the Ant-Man trailer, this is our best look yet at the film, and we have a fantastic look at the villain wreaking havoc.

We had only glimpsed the Yellowjacket costume in a small piece of Ant-Man promo art from a while back, but now we can see him in all his glory. Played by Corey Stoll, our new Marvel baddie was once known as Darren Cross. At first this business man’s only crime is taking his company in a less-than-desirable direction, but he soon escalates to swiping the original Ant-Man’s Pym Particles. With them, he’s able to mimic the size-shrinking ability and cause chaos for his own selfish purposes.

But he’s not all that we see. Out of the 12 new photos, we also get better looks at Rudd’s Scott Lang in full-on Ant-Man attire, Michael Douglas as his mentor and former Ant-Man Hank Pym, Evangeline Lilly as Pym’s daughter and future Wasp Hope Van Dyne, and director Peyton Reed on set. There’s also a few pieces of concept art that bring us down to Lang’s microscopic world, as he traverses a bathtub and seeks out his ant buddy.

We still haven’t received a good look at the other cast members, though. All we know so far is that Bobby Cannavale of Annie and Boardwalk Empire will play someone named Paxton, End of Watch star Michael Pena will play Luis, Archer’s Judy Greer will play Maggie, Tip “Ti” Harris will be Dave, David Dastmalchian is cast as Kurt, Wood Harris will play Gale and Jordi Molla will play Castillo. This is, obviously, not much to go on. However, we also have John Slattery’s return to look forward to, and we all know he’ll be reprising his Howard Stark role.

Edgar Wright’s take on the film would’ve been preferable, but Marvel hasn’t failed us lately. After launching Guardians of the Galaxy, which was virtually unknown by mainstream audiences, into becoming a global box office sensation, we’re confident they can do the same for Ant-Man.


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