LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Sn. 6 Premiere Date Announced!

The CW has finally set in stone the day and date for the upcoming 6th season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Starting Sunday, May 2, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be taking over the 8 pm ET slot, and Batwoman will be moving to the 9pm Slot. Check out more about the upcoming season below and let us know if you will be watching!

After spending the last two seasons time traveling to face supernatural creatures, history’s greatest villains sent back from Hell, and saving the world from the Fates of Greek myths, the Legends will cross the final frontier and go into outer space in Legends of Tomorrow season 6. When one of the Legends is abducted by “a ruthless alien”, the Legends blast off to face new and bizarre threats in order to rescue one of their own. Although the Legends have faced an alien race before, the Dominators from the Invasion! crossover, outer space is new territory for our misfit heroes and it promises all-new hi-jinks will ensue in Legends of Tomorrow season 6.


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