Liam Neeson Wants to Play Ra’s Al Ghul in ‘Arrow’!

4020613-7558726818-Liam-How cool would it be to have a big time star like Liam Neeson be part of the cast of CW’s ‘Arrow‘. It looks like the actor is on board to take up the role, check out what he had to say about it in the article below and share your thoughts  after the JUMP!


Last month, at Comic-Con, Arrow fans went nuts when it was revealed that Ra’s al Ghul would be coming to Season 3. Then came the the part where the internet listed off who they’d love to see play Ra’s on TV. And everyone from Jason Isaacs to Oded Fehr was been mentioned. But what if we could get the guy who played Ra’s in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins? That’s right – Liam Neeson!

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Not that anything is currently in the works, but Neeson, in a recent video interview with MTV, said he’d be willing to reprise the role. If he were asked to, that is.

“No, I haven’t [been asked], I haven’t at all. I would [do it], in a heartbeat, if it came my way, yeah. Very much so.”


Liam Neeson in Batman Begins.

When asked of he had any advice for the actor who does wind up playing Ra’s, Neeson offered up the following…

“They have to believe in their philosophy. Ra’s al Ghul absolutely believed what he was doing was ultimately saving civilization, and it was quite a good argument he comes up with. Throughout the ages this fraternity, that brought the plague to wipe out a section of mankind because it needed to be regenerated again. Very dangerous, but you have to believe it.”

So what do you all think? Would you like to see Neeson resume the role on the small screen or do you want a fresh face to take on the part? IGN Logo


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