Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre!


If you love looking at vintage military aircraft and the like you are going to really enjoy the look inside the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre. This glimpse into the past is brought to us by Serpentorslair Contributor Thundershot! Check out the photos below, then make the JUMP to the forum and share your thoughts!

Hi folks,
Here’s some pictures I took during my day trip to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, which situated near a small village called East Kirkby (U.K.).
The museum, which was W.W.II bomber station, is home for the Lancaster bomber ‘Just Jane’ & holds events throughout the year. Despite not being airworthy (the museum’s aim is to restore her to flight) Jane is in superb condition & performs regular taxi runs.
Jane pays her way by taking fare paying passengers for taxi runs.. if you can afford it, £250 will buy you a ticket & there’s a year long waiting list.



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