Lou Ferrigno says Hulk Movie and TV Series on the Horizon!


While this is somewhat speculation, Lou Ferrigno is part of the Marvel Movie Universe, as he is the Voice of The Hulk in the Avengers Movies. That said Mr. Ferrigno, says that a Hulk Movie and TV Series are on the Horizon. And with all of the Shows that DC is producing I would not be surprised to see this happen. Check out what he has to say below and share thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: comicbook.com)

While it’s a little unclear if Lou Ferrigno is just speculating or has some inside information, The Incredible Hulk TV star claims that both a new Hulk movie and a Hulk TV series are planned.

In an interview with FilmFad, Ferrigno says, “Well to tell you the truth they plan to do a TV series someday and it will probably be CGI, I don’t think you’ll ever see a human Hulk again. Because with the technology people would rather see something that is a little more animated like CGI.”

When asked which studios might be planning on doing the TV series, Ferrigno replied, “That’s a long way from now because I think down the road, I think in another year, they’re going to film a solo Hulk movie. But I think the series can happen if they finish doing the Avengers or the Hulk movie, that’s my guess for now.”

Ferrigno is the voice of the Hulk in the Avengers movies, and he is active on the comic book convention circuit, so he is in a position where it’s possible he could be privy to some inside scoop.

There had been reports at one time of Guillermo del Toro developing a Hulk TV series, but the series was reportedly put on the backburner after the movie Hulk proved to be a hit in The Avengers. Ferrigno also seems to indicate the Hulk TV series probably won’t happen until they finish with the Hulk movie.

Most interesting is that Ferrigno thinks the movie will start filming in another year. Marvel Studios certainly has a lot of untitled movies with release dates, so it wouldn’t be surprising if one of those dates was for a Hulk solo movie.


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