‘Marchon M Force’ Discussion by Mitchell Smith!

Welcome to the Outpost. Hope everyone is doing well. Today I’m stepping outside the G.I.Joe universe to see if anyone had these military figures growing up. In the mid 80s there were lots of military based movies like Delta Force, Rambo, and Missing in Action. This lead to a lot of Military based toys from movies. The Marchon M Force didn’t have a cartoon or a movie, but fed off other action figure lines such as Rambo. Much like the Rambo figures there was not a lot of articulation, but there was enough to make these pretty cool. I had a good amount of these as a kid. Some of my favorite figures are Ace, Zack, and Rizzo.


They have really nice head sculpts and the bodies, mainly the pants have nice colors schemes. One of my favorite things about these figures is the weapons and accessories. Each figure came with a survival knife which is one thing that really stood out to me. I loved those, but some of the other weapons that were awesome are the machine gun, the rocket launcher, and the crossbow. Some figures came with berets, tactical vests, and dog tags, which added to the overall shelf appeal. I can remember going into Ames our local department store and looking at all the great figures and their weapons, I wanted them all but it took a while to get the ones I did have. These were built to last. I know a lot of my figures were put through the ringer and these M Force figures took a beating and kept on fighting. I still have a few but no weapons, which I wish I had some because these look really cool all geared up. Anyone out there have these growing up? Let me know in the discussion AFTER THE JUMP. Tomorrow there is going to be some major head butting going on, make sure to check it out.

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