Marvel Comics – Immortal Hulk Statue by Kotobukiya!

Kotobokiya has released new photos and details for their upcoming Immortal Hulk Marvel Comics ARTFX Premier StatueHulk is a smashing 1/10 scale in size. Check out all the specs and photos below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP. Pricing and release date will be available soon.

Pre-orders for the fourth ARTFX Premier statue are coming soon!

Based on the 2018 Immortal Hulk comic book series which returned the green-skinned giant to his roots, the transformed Bruce Banner delivers a titanic “Hulk Smash” to the base on which he stands.

In order to give the ARTFX Premium statue a sense of overwhelming power beyond the likes of what can be seen on a computer monitor, the initial prototype was created using clay that was scanned and transformed into 3D data. Then Kotobukiya’s team could fine-tune all of the important, subtle details like the textures of the Hulk’s skin and shredded trousers.

Marvel Comics – Immortal Hulk Statue by Kotobukiya!


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