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Marvel’s ‘What If’ Figure Discussion By Mitchell Smith!

Hello everyone, today I am taking a look at Marvel’s all new ‘What If‘ 6 inch figures. Marvel is hitting it out of the park and I hope to see G.I.Joe do it soon too. Any how I found the wave of What if figures and these are awesome. This wave comes with the BAF The Watcher and is a must have for Marvel fans and collectors. The Watcher is one of my favorite characters and it appears he is the most or one of the most powerful beings in the universe. This is a really cool character and I just love his look.

I’m surprised they put out so many What If characters in one wave right after the series as well. I watched this series with my son and it was very interesting and entertaining. They did manage to sneak a Loki Sylvie in the wave which is awesome but it would have been even more awesome if she came with alligator Loki, maybe they will make him down the road as that was one of my favorite characters from Loki for some reason. I’m really happy I found this run and I’m able to finish this BAF. Who loves the What If series? Who is looking for this wave? What is your favorite character in this wave? Make sure to check back for my stories and reviews!


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