Masterpiece Transformers Road Rage MP-26 Out Of Package Photos!


If you loved collecting Transformers Masterpiece ‘Tracks’ you are definitely going to want to pick up the new Transformers Masterpiece ‘Road Rage’! Today we have some sweet out of package photos of ‘Road Rage‘ to share with you. Check out all the photos below and sound off with your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!


The Planet Iacon Facebook group has shared a handful of photos of Masterpiece Road Rage. The Tracks recolor and retool based on a Diaclone coloration of the original Tracks toy is mostly featured in vehicle form – both regular and flying car, with just a couple quick looks at the robot. But with the figure’s release coming up next weekend on the 26th, we’re sure to see lots more of it very soon! Keep reading to see the photos.



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