Mattel Shares Updated Thundercats ‘Lion-O’ Sculpt


We reported earlier this summer that Mattel had gained the rights to the classic 80’s ‘Thundercats‘ franchise. Today they have revealed the new sculpt ‘Lion-O‘ figure. I am sure that fans of the Thundercats will not be dissapointed. Check out the info below and sound off with your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: toyark)

Over on the MattyCollector Forums, Skeletor’s Love child has revealed an update to their new Thundercats Lion-O sculpt. For a refresher, here’s the photos of Lion-O from San Diego Comic-Con 2015. And here’s the info on the new sculpt:

Good day Thunderians!

Remember the Lion-O we showed at Comic Con this year? We loved him and you loved him too, but after hearing from the fans and doing a little thinking we decided to take a trip back to the sculpting table to make him a little more cartoon-esque.

Per the Four Horsemen: “Between the sculpting and paint there were a lot of changes, but we feel like it was well worth it! The figure looks much more animation accurate, and it fits the look of the rest of the figures much better.”

I thought he was pretty breathtaking before but now? Thundercats hooo, indeed. 🙂

Skeletor’s Love Child


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