MattyCollector 2013 Q&A Answers – May 1


Below we have a look at the May Q & A answers from MattyCollector. Check them out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

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Welcome to another round of MattyCollector 2013 Q&A! Today we received our newest batch of answers to questions we sent last month. Here we go….

A while back we asked you if the 4H worked on the Injustice figures and you said “yes”. Having the Batman figure in-hand, it feels more akin to the Green Lantern Movie Masters sculpted in-house by Mattel rather than the 4H. To what extent did the 4H work on the Injustice figures? Did they just do the initial sculpt and hand the figures off to you to cut in articulation? Having collected 4H figures since the Spawn days, through the 1st 6″ Batman line, DCSH, DCUC, MOTU, MOTUC up til now, the Injustice figures certainly seem substantially different.

The Four Horsemen did indeed work on all of the Injustice figures through the full development cycle in terms of sculpt, articulation, and paint- the difference is that they worked off of 3D reference files from the game itself, to ensure that the figures were consistent with the look of the game and looked clearly unique from the rest of the DC Unlimited style figures

Is there a particular reason Mattel stopped the oversized figures in the Club Infinite Earths subscription? The only one slated for 2013 is Mallah.

Not enough sub holders to justify the skus. The more sub holders we get the more skus we can offer. Like we did with MOTU.

Who is sculpting the 1966 Batman line?

The Classic TV Series Batman line is being entirely sculpted internally by Mattel’s excellent sculpting group

The most recent figures released from Club infinite Earths had room for additional Accessories like Lantern Constructs, attachment for Platinum, or switchable parts for Elongated man is there a reason that few if any were included? Because many fans would have liked to see more with Elongated man in particular

There is not overarching rule on who gets accessories and now many. It is usually determined character by characters in addition to cost factors involved.


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