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We have our answers mid-February answers for the MattyCollector 2013 Q&A. Check them out:1) Recently we saw the official images of the Man Of Steel Movie Masters toys. They look very impressive however all toys in promo shots usually do. By final production sometimes things change, Will the final production Man of Steel Movie Masters figures feature detailed paint jobs, like washes to being out the detail, hair color, et al? For example, the Movie Masters Ras Al Ghul figure in hand did not look as good as the protoype shown on the card.A) There are always some changes between early prototypes and final product but we do our best to maintain quality in every way we can.2) Are there any plans to do more New 52 characters particularly those who for decades have been highly popular with Image Comics (Grifter, Vibe, Voodoo) to future series or are these going to be left out?A) Certainly. But nothing specific right now to announce.3) We’ve been told that core characters (in the case of last month, Batman specifically) “sell more than any other character.” Hopefully you can answer this follow-up question: How do you track this data? Is it based on how many units were shipped, or how many actually sold-through at retail?A) NPD which is the national retail tracking system for most major retailers/manufacturers (for a variety of consumer products) does provide sku by sku sales data showing which individual figures (component skus) sell better.4) Last year SDCC there was no DC Figure Is there a plan to do a Comic Con Exclusive in 2013?A) Last year we offered a 6″ Batman figure. This year there will also be a 6″ figure. Who that is remains to be announced.Some of us never found the DC All Stars wave with Superboy Prime. Will that figure be re-released as part of the DC Unlimited line?A) No, no plans for a rerelease at this time.

Why in the world…

do you guys make such great toys? Seriously, I’ve been collecting MOTUC for a year now and have been floored by the great quality and craftsmanship involved in these nostalgic blasts from the past. I know Mattel is a business that is ultimately concerned with making money, but it is obvious that the MOTUC line is a labor of love from some very dedicated people.

So thanks for all that you and your team do, Toy Guru. This is one fan that will keep buying MOTUC as long as you guys keep making them! 🙂

It is a work of passion for everyone involved!
Any chance of dropping down the ground floor of the Castle?

ToyGuru, I know you’ve said the overall size of Castle Grayskull is final, but is there any possibility of dropping down the entire ground floor? (i.e. eliminate the underside gap)

It would solve the head height problems with the most minimal sculpt changes. The inner walls are pretty plain so wouldn’t take much effort to extend down slightly, especially since you yourself said the walls still need to be thinned down for the final toy. The only real resculting would be extending the jawbridge slightly to fit the new ground floor height.

I know you’re probably sick of Castle complaint topics but the vast majority of complaints about the Castle would be solved by this one small change. Here’s a photoshop mockup I did:

No, this will not be possible. A more final plastic castle with final accessories will be shown at SDCC.
Strobo – will he be posted too?

I’m a 2013 subscriber for MOTUC, but I live in England.

Am I able to purchase Strobo through Early Access and then he is sent to me, or can I ONLY pick him up at a Convention?

A very limits amount will be offered next month through the sub EA program.
Castaspella’s Ponytail

Is Casta’s ponytail articulated? It almost looks that way in several of the photos I’ve seen. It’d be so cool if we could rotate it 360 degrees!

I don’t believe it is, but she isn’t far enough along at this point.
Fellow MOTUC Fans…

About Castle Grayskull…

I spoke to a friend of mine who actually saw Castle Grayskull in person. Trust me when I say that my friend is a MOTUC critic when he needs to be and he’s no cheerleader. For those that are worried about the Castle being small you can forget about that concern. This thing is still massively HUGE and the exterior is perfect. He was really worried about it but after seeing it live he has no concerns. He said if you didn’t really know anything about the original mockup the 1 or 2 inch difference is not noticeable in the LEAST! He hadn’t ordered originally but now he is.

My Wishlist
-Interior walls detailed somewhat instead of being perfectly smooth.
-Remove Windraider plug. No need for it, save plastic for something else.
-Throne being centered on second floor instead of off to the right (blocking secret entrance).
-No cut accessories!

About these forums…

Guys… I hate reading through threads about “I’m missing emails!” and “Why doesn’t my voting code work?” Keep this forum related to the actual toys. Matty… you have my permission to delete these threads (lol). For the rest, use the search feature and actually try calling DR before posting on here about missing product or missing emails. TG and the mods can’t help you here and nor should they.

Thanks for the post! And to clarify, the Castle does not CS with the Windraider stand. The existing stand can plug into the base of the Castle if you have the Windraider.
Question about Shokoti’s Darkling

Hi TG! Everything shown at Toy Fair was really awesome and exciting!

I have a question about Shokoti’s Darkling though. Is it possibly to put a hole in the bottom of it, so it could use the same stand Orko, the Doomseeker and Slimer from Ghostbusters uses? I know one won’t be included, but the Darklings all fly/float, so it would be great to have the option to display them that way.

Question 2: Is it possible to get a Darkling in a future Weapons Pak? There were at least 6 of those creepy monsters floating around in that episode and I know quite a few people online want to army build!

I don’t believe their is a hole.
what happened to NA He-man’s face?

I hope the NA He-Man displayed at NYTF 2013 was not the final one.
He-Man’s face is not even close to the prototype!
Please correct this will we corrected in time before his release

Yes. He is not final yet and design is adjusting the product to get as close to the proto as possible.
Product Question – Fighting Foe Men

Thanks again for eveything you do for the line – that cannot be said enough and the 4 Horsemen are brilliant!

Just watched you and Pixel Dan walk through NYTF toys – and you guys very quickly jumped the trio of the Fighting Foe Men. Now that they are completed figures I had a quick question or two.
Are the vehicle logos unique in the way they attach to the figure or can they be moved from one Foe Man to the other?
Is Dawg-O-Tor / SMM Visors removeable to show their faces?



The two males can be swapped not on think the female is a bit different. Good question!
So many unanswerable Questions

1. Is there a character who could be considered Wun-Dar’s villain? (Y/n)
1B – Is he on the road map to be made? (Y/n)
1C – What’s their name?

2. During the years of He-man and Skeletors’ absence from Eternia, Jitsu ruled snake mountain and Strobo kept the peace. Who led the masters after Randor ‘passes’? (Was Randors death natural? Where is Miro? )

– Last Note: no question. I think it’s worth it to get the MOTU movie rights. There are several good characters worth it. Renegade He-Man, King Skeletor and Karg just to start. I did notice King Skeletor on the subternia map. Sweet.

Their certainly can be!
Is this how it’s going to be?

Moving forward are people who decided to take their chances without the subscription going to continue to get crapped on? Is it really such a crime to want to choose which figures you pay for? I understand that there has to be some benefit to subscribing, but isn’t the benefit of being guaranteed to get the figures you want enough? I’m also cool with early access and one exclusive figure a year. We make the decision whether those things are worth it or not when we chose to pass on the subscription. But now you’re taking figures out of the monthly sale and turning them into exclusives. You’re changing the rules in the middle of the game, and quite frankly it’s not the best good will gesture towards fans of this line. I pre-ordered Grayskull (Im fine the the size btw), bought the Filmation sub but passed on the main sub because you guys went out of your way to make it a nightmare in 2012. But I guess you have to teach us all a lesson, huh? Throw us a bone. I love these figures, but you guys have a terrible attitude. Now Scott it’s your turn to pick one line from everything I said to reply with a snarky remark.

Honestly, I am not clear what you are asking. Can you restate in one short sentence?
Castle Grayskull Lazy Susan?

What is the possibility of a Castle Grayskull Lazy Susan accessory at some point? I like the idea of setting up the castle and being able to spin it easily so that moving it wouldn’t cause characters to fall down when moving it.

Mattel will not be offering this bit if you do a google search you should have no trouble finding one.
The Fans Demand a Head Pack!!

Fans have long been requesting a heads pack. If you can do a weapons pack, you can do a head pack. Same amount of tooling and sculpting. 5 heads in a pack would be totally awesome and could sell for probably the same price as a weapons pack or regular figure.

In the past you have said no because it is supposedly “too morbid”, but with all due respect, I think the “too morbid” excuse is just that, a ridiculous excuse.

Monster High figures have body packs, including heads, Barbie has head packs, and many of the MOTUC figures have extra heads packed in. What is the difference?

If it is “too morbid” to have a head pack, then it is too morbid to have MOTUC figures at all. Isn’t it morbid that you have to decapitate your figures to switch out their armour?

It is these kind of throw away comments that really turn people off. Please take this suggestion seriously, I think you would please a whole lot of people if you actually did this.

Totally aware of demand for this. It really comes down to resources. It is mucho te likely we will sneak additional heads in with figures ( like the Zodak head with Strobo) vs. offer a head pack. Purely from a tooling and resource stand point.
Regarding Club Filmation, are you able to say with 100% certainty……

….that there will be an instance similar to Fang Man where there won’t be any figures up on the usual sale day? I can understand if you can’t say anything yet, figured I’d ask anyway.

Yes it is very likely there may
be some figs not avail day of. The best way to ensure you get all the figs is to subscribe
Toyguru: Only one?

I’m wondering about the accesoires for some figures. Has batros only one? Or will there be a secret one? Same for Shokoti. I thought every figure will get two accesoires.

Some figures will have one. Mosquitor had one.
Early Access question about Strobo

In the post made on the site today it says if you are a member of any of the clubs you will be able to get Strobo through early access. So being Club Filmation is a club and it says all clubs that means that Filmation holders will be able to order him as well Right??????

I don’t think Filmation early access starts until Filmation figures ship in July but I will need to check. It is good for all the other subs though.
Quick question about filmation sub

My question is, are jetlag characters going to be included in the filmation sub? I really want some of those guys!

No. It doesn’t mean we couldn’t get to them, but they are not Filmation characters and therefore not in the Filmation sub.
Faker and Keldor are reissues not 1st runs

The Feb and March announcements list Faker and Keldor as 1st runs without the burst but most likely aren’t those figures reissues while the characters like Kobra Khan and Meckaneck are the 1st runs.

Faker and Keldor could be either first run or second run. Mek and Kahn never had a second run so they are only the remaining customer service stock.
Grayskull Clarification

Toyguru, since you stated the sculpted dungeon was never indicated to be included with Grayskull, could you please clarify what that is in the red area on the B-sheet? Many thanks!

Placement for a sticker apparently. You will also note the B-sheet did not show the space suit and you ARE getting that. Things will continued to evolve and change. We’ll have the final Castle to show at SDCC. Even some of the accessories shown at NYTF may still change or get dropped. We just don’t know as their are too many unknowns in the process. Part of the fun of doing this so early on (but really the only way we could!)

That is why we are giving customers ample time to cancel if they want. But we do hope we can include all that was shown at NYTF and maybe even more!




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