MattyCollector Subscriptions Update!


We have some better news today regarding the future of the MattyCollector lines especially MOTU. It looks like they are going to make their financial goal and the line will survice. Check out the latest on this below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: toyark)

MattyCollector has not given official word on the status of the subs just yet. However, the Subscription pre-order pages have been updated to show more current meters. Good news for Masters of the Universe Classics fans…The Club Eternia meter is at 115%, meaning the line will continue as planned!

Doesn’t look like such good news for DC Universe Classics. The Club Infinite Earths Subscription is listed at only 63%. If this stays the same, then the Club Infinite Earths Subscriptions will be refunded and the line cancelled. The Ecto-1 was at a dismal 38% and chances of that being released are slim to none.

Once official word comes from Mattel, we will relay that info to the fans.


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