Mezco Pre-Toy Fair 2017 Official Images!

Mezco has released images of their new offerings they showed today at the 2017 Pre-Toy Fair 2017 Event. There are a lot of your favorite properties included here. Check out the full list and images below and share your thoughts on Mezco’s newest items AFTER THE JUMP!

Living Dead Dolls – Horror A Burst Box
Living Dead Dolls – Clockwork Orange
Living Dead Dolls – Exorcist
Living Dead Dolls – Beetlejuice
One:12 Collective – Batman Ascending Knight
One:12 Collective – Daredevil Netflix TV Series
One:12 Collective – Dr. Strange
One:12 Collective – Dawn of the Dead Flyboy
One:12 Collective – Dawn of the Dead Plaid Shirt Zombie
One:12 Collective – Evil Dead 2 Ash Williams
One:12 Collective – Iron Man
One:12 Collective – Popeye
One:12 Collective – Wolverine
One:12 Collective – Wonder Woman Movie Version
Horror Puzzle Blox

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