Michael Bay ‘OUT’ For Transformers 5?


Michael Bay has stated since the release of Transformers 4 that he was likely not returning for Transformers 5. But, it was still somewhat up in the air. Now that seems to not be the case, as Michael Bay is taking on another movie project, that would all but prevent him from doing Transformers 5. For more on this, check out the latest below and share your thoughts AFTER THE JUMP!

(Source: tformers.com)

Michael Bay has previously suggested he might leave Transformers films behind, but kept coming back for more, but this time it may be the real thing. Having stated again that he would leave the franchise to other hands after Age of Extinction, Bay has reinforced this by engaging in talks to direct an upcoming project, “13 Hours”, as reported by Variety. If Bay becomes attached to this film, it would likely keep him too occupied to get involved with production of the fifth Transformers movie. Unless Bay reverses once again, we may be looking at a Transformers movie under new guidance.


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