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Mondo Masters of the Universe 1/6 Beast Man!

Mondo Masters of the Universe 1/6 Beast Man has finally been unveiled, and it’s a true masterpiece for fans of this iconic franchise. Standing at an impressive 12 inches tall, this meticulously crafted collectible figure captures the essence of Beast Man from the classic Masters of the Universe series in stunning detail.

Beast Man’s design is faithful to the source material, with his vibrant orange fur, fearsome fangs, and distinctive armor. The figure boasts a wide range of articulation, allowing for dynamic poses that bring the character to life. Mondo has spared no expense in recreating every nuance of this beloved antagonist, from his ferocious expression to his intricate weaponry.

The attention to detail extends to the accessories included with the figure, which allows collectors to customize their display and recreate memorable scenes from the series. Whether you’re a die-hard Masters of the Universe fan or simply appreciate top-notch craftsmanship, Mondo’s 1/6 Beast Man is a must-have addition to your collection. Don’t miss the chance to own this iconic piece of He-Man history.

Masters of the Universe – Beast Man 1/6 Scale Figure – Timed Edition

Part of the very first wave of MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE figures released in 1982, Skeletor’s savage henchman has always been high on our to-do list. Now, we’re excited to announce we’re finally adding our definitive Mondo Beast Man to our MOTU 1/6 scale line.

As with the other characters in this line, we’ve upgraded a bunch of our favorite accessories from Beast Man’s history, including the original figure’s whip, which is fully bendable and poseable. Add in removable body armor plus a slew of swappable heads and hands, and you’ve got the ultimate version of the king of beasts.


Concept Design – Emiliano Santalucia
Sculpt – May Thamtarana
Paint – Mark Bristow
Cut & Sew – Tim Hanson
Packaging Art – Florian Bertmer
Packaging Design – Jordan Christianson
Photography – Raúl Barrero
Art Direction – Hector Arce
Product includes

Beast Man Figure
Neutral swappable head
Angry swappable head
Throwback swappable head
Removable body armor: knee guards, bicep guards, shoulder pad, wrist guards
Swappable hands: neutral hands, aggressive hands, fists, c-grip, claw hand.
Bendable whip accessory
Blaster accessory
Goblet accessory
Meat chunk accessory
Sword accessory
Shoulder pad faux fur
Wrist faux fur
Faux leather loin cloth

Mondo Masters of the Universe 1/6 Beast Man!

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