More Masterpiece Bumblebee Images Emerge!


Today we have some more great prototype shots of the upcoming Masterpiece Bumblebee figure. If you love Bumblebee in his VW G1 Form, this is the perfect figure for you. Check it out below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!


Following yesterday’s news of the new image for Takara’s MP-21 Bumblebee, we now have even more images of the upcoming figure thanks to our sponsor which has it up for Pre-Order. The new images which you can check out below not only give us a good look at the figure in robot mode, but also give us our best look yet the vehicle mode as well as the Spike figure in exo-suit. You can see in these new un-painted prototype images the exo-suit for spike also transforms like we saw in the Transformers: The Movie.

One of the new images also shows that Bumblebee’s faceplate is removable seeming to confirm what we told you earlier about how Amazon Japan will be including an exclusive “battle mask” piece. Presumably this will be a toy accurate faceplate option corresponding to the previous image of the Bumblebee prototype we have seen.

Check out all the new images below in our GALLERY!

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