MOTUC Secret “Spirit of Hordak” Figure Revealed?


If you are a MOTUC collector you have been dying to see this figure make it for purchase on Matty. Well today we have a nice image of “Spirit of Hordak” and a little update as to what is going on with him. Check out the info below and share your thoughts after the JUMP!

(Source: enewsi via twitter)

UPDATE: So now it say the figure has gone back into hiding which I guess is Mattel’s way of saying the figure has sold out.

Christopher sends us a link to what appears to be a hidden Masters of the Universe Classics “Spirit Of Hordak” figure available on

Apparently the link to the figure is hidden to the general public for some reason. Here is the description listed on the site.

Congratulations! By magic or by luck, you’ve found a secret figure! Now you see him… but this master of manipulation can disappear at any moment so act quickly!

This all-clear figure features painted red eyes, chest emblem and removable armband, and comes with a fan-demanded Hordak® cross bow in vintage white. Trust us, this visitor from the dark dimension is up to no good… but you’ll have to get the figure to see his complete bio. Straight from the 2013 mini-comic, “The Secret Origin of Skeletor,” this highly collectable figure is not available with Club Eternia® subscriptions or even during regular monthly sales, so make sure you check back often to try to catch him the next time he decides to project onto this page!

Please Note: This item is on its way to our warehouse! The expected availability is 5/10/13; items ordered at the same time will be held until this one arrives.


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