Welcome to the Outpost. Today I’m jumping right into the G.I.Joe’s released in 1988. This was a year for me. I had gotten a job washing dishes at the local restaurant. I learned how to drive (a few years before I was legal), and once again I got a major haul, along with my brothers, for X-Mas. I had a Phantom, Warthog, and a Tigerfly, all cool vehicles. I also got several cool figures like Voltron, Hit & Run, and Iron Grenadier. This was a solid year that I really don’t remember these characters in a cartoon to support the line.

One of the coolest figures and my first of this character was Storm Shadow. Storm Shadow had always been a staple character and this figure captured and reinvented Stormy. The bow, claw, sword, and back pack all made this figure pop and this is still one of my favorite versions of Storm Shadow. Over all this was another great year and I hope to see some of these characters get a 6 inch version. I think it would be awesome if Blizzard got some love. Who is your Favorite 1988 figure? Make sure to check back for my 1989 figure.


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