My Thoughts on G.I.Joe: Retaliation!


So I have been following the net for what seems like an eternity now. finding links posting them here and there, actually joining twitter just for the GIJOE Retaliation news and the chance to talk to people working on the film.
I got retweeted more than once by JonMChu, which to me was definitely an honor. I am sure the man gets thousands of tweets a day.
I did not have that sinking feeling, even when they said it was delayed for 3D. I kept the faith. I was a little distracted by the thought of penning this review which gladly will be out of my system when I go to see Retaliation again tomorrow in 2D.
Yes that’s right. I am going back tomorrow. There were certain lines I missed. Looking for and listening to Easter eggs. In fact I don’t want to spoil this for anyone so I really will not delve into the plot too much.
Suffice it to say, it has a few tweaks here and there to the “canon” whichever canon you prefer that is.
They were good tweaks though, not groan inducing or pedantic.
It was worth waiting for three days and going dark not reading reviews, interviews or watching them on youtube.
At first I was almost disappointed that most of what I was watching has been in the trailers and sneak peeks. Paramount has shoved a lot of that down our throat in the past few weeks. It is just as much my fault for watching them though.
I will say that what you see in the trailers is spot on…to a point. Many things seen in the trailers, are NOT in the movie as well.
Since I just finished tweeting whoever I have been following on twitter, giving my thanks, you could probably say I liked it. I enjoyed it. you could say that and you would probably be right.
I am sure there is some detail that someone will see and nit pick about but if there is (other than Lady Jaye’s dress uniform which is fictional so I can let it slide) I missed it.
and guess what? no Wilhelm Scream. I think JonMchu listened to me haha. Ok maybe that is stretching my powers as a twitter joe fan maybe not.

As I walked out I turned to one of the few in the theater with me and said that is the movie I waited 31 years to see. In the parking lot there were two women, They were dressed very nicely and were talking outside in the night air, they did not appear to be a typical action movie goer and definitely not GIJOE diehard fans. So I asked them what they thought, they liked it .
People laughed during the movie, I don’t hear that a whole lot, and I go to a lot of movies.
I don’t know if I would recommend the 3D, as some of the action scenes got very blurred for me. I can speak more on that tomorrow after viewing the 2D.
The writing was just right. It took the lore and cherished it, but expanded upon it as well.
I love Jinx, she is the perfect balance to Snake Eyes. I loved her accent as well. The whole Arashikage theme was continued from Rise of Cobra, and some nice new touches were added.
I have to also give credit to my new friend Louise, the lead costume designer, she and I have been emailing back and forth and she eagerly awaits my opinion.
For me, as a film maker, as a lover of movies, as a lover of GIJOE, I was entertained, it gave me pangs of nostalgia, and it also kept me on my toes.
as I said to Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Jon M Chu:
I raise a bottle of Grape soda, I give thanks to you for GIJOE Retaliation.

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